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Backstage Pass 5 - Battles, Bruises and a Rider Exit

July 09, 2015

One thing comes through clear in all these Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Passes - Matt White sure knows how to put on a brave face and look positively towards tomorrow, versus backwards in frustration.

Tension, pain and suffering are palpable in this behind-the-scenes look into stage 5 of the Tour de France.

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Michael Albasini is now out - he was part of today's crash that resulted in him re-fracturing a fracture sustained in November, so his 2015 TdF campaign is now over.

Bling looks to be in a world of discomfort as he gets off his bike after a tough day in the office. In an earlier Backstage Pass he mentioned he'd had trouble breathing properly the night of the stage 3 crash and to be honest, he doesn't look like he's faring that much better now.

We catch up with him in massage and he's every bit as positive as Matt - hopefully tomorrow brings a better day.

Stage 5 also marks remembrance of our ANZACs, with the route passing through some of the most poignant commemorative locations of World War I battlezones. Aussies and Kiwis line the streets nearby and the boys race in specially designed kit with black armbands to mark their respect. We also see Orica-GreenEDGE owner Gerry Ryan get amongst it, handing out OGE goodies to passers-by.

Our thoughts are with the team today and we can only hope they're getting a quality night's sleep and stage 6 becomes that bit more manageable.

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