Kids Scooters


Scooter Overview

Scooters are ideal for children of all ages. Commonly a scooter can be identified by the long straight vertical bar that joins onto the handlebars with two grips, which are used to control and steer the scooter. A thick metal foot pad is used as the base for the scooter and is where the rider will keep at least one foot on at all times. Generally, scooters will have two wheels, with a brake mechanism attached to the rear which is applied by placing the back foot on it so that the brake begins to lock the rear wheel and slow the overall speed down. Kids scooters are man powered through the motion of kicking along the riding surface with either leg.

Advantages of a Kids Scooter

Kids scooters are reasonably cheaper when compared to other modes of transport such as bicycles. They function as an entertaining pastime for children and adolescents whilst also serving as both a physically and time efficient way to get around the local streets or skate parks. Scooters are easily folded up and stored in a small space along with being able to be transported when not ridden with simplicity due to their small size.

Stand-out Features of Scooters

• Sturdy and Reliable

• Lightweight and slow-moving

• Ideal for children

• Common foldable designs allow for easy portability and storage

• Straightforward to learn and use

• Enjoyable means of exercise

Kids Scooters For Sale on BikeExchange

Here at BikeExchange, we are avid supporters of anything that involves two-wheels that are powered by human. See below for scooter brands that are actively available around Australia at BikeExchange:

Monster Wheel