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Backstage 13 - Breakaways

July 20, 2015

Stage 13 started just outside of Toulouse and was another long day in the office.

The boys talk breakaways and their concern that today might be an all-out sprint for 62 miles given so many want to make it into breakaways.

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There's talk of just how tough it is to initiate and sustain a breakaway, but the guys also talk tactics about how to maintain position in a breakaway.

There's more of this ongoing obsession with merchandise that the team seems to be developing but also some great bike cam footage of Bling chatting as he rides - good news in that the ribs just keep improving. In fact, there's some awesome footage from the bike cams in general as well as the scenery.

It's been a tough 13 days as the guys confess, but they're holding on.

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