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Backstage Pass 6 -!!!

July 10, 2015

For a team that has taken some serious beatings over the last few stages, in this episode of Backstage Pass, the boys are looking full of energy and rearing to get into the intermediate stages of the Tour. It’s six Aussie riders against the pack!

The team certainly has a few shots left to fire, planning to let the Yates brothers loose on the mountain stages to come. On stage six, they will try to keep them safe and fresh for what's to come.

It’s an anniversary edition, as the team celebrates the 300th episode of Backstage Pass, and Pieter Weening looks back to his Tour de France Victory ten years ago, a memory that no doubt has provided him with some extra ammo during stage 6.

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We see some quality banter between Luke Durbridge and his old school teacher, as they reflect on the fact that he was hardly ever in class. It’s a good thing because he was training to someday get to the Tour de France!

Michael Matthews said the boys were relieved to get out of the heavy cross winds and enjoy a stage that by comparison was, “better than the last few days…quite relaxed for the first 150-160k.” Matthews is still tentatively nursing a couple of fractured ribs, showing some serious determination to keep pushing and hopefully make a challenge for a stage win later down the track.

There was some unexpected mayhem towards the end as Tony Martin went down on the final climb hard onto his shoulder. It now looks like he is going to need surgery, marking the end to his Tour challenge.

Let’s hope the boys keep the positive vibes going – that Aussie sense of humor seems to be working so far.

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