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Backstage Pass 18 - Pong Cakes, Sanga Swaps and a Quick Buck for Durbo

July 24, 2015

In episode 18 of OGE Backstage Pass, we find out Durbo is a bit of an entrepreneur. He explains that some of the boys like to use fresh numbers each day, but he and Svein Tuft hang on to them to flog later for a quick buck.

Peter Weining, just throws his in the bin...he finds all the numbers lying around pretty annoying.

Julian Dean is out visiting the fans, graciously accepting a Pong Cake along the way and swapping sandwiches with Team Sky. Team Sky must be spending all their cash on something else because their sangas are "a bit dry", severely lacking in mayonnaise.

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There is some amazing footage again today courtesy of the GoPro cameras on board the bikes and the KOM devil is up to his usual antics, gleefully cheering "Orica!" as the team car passes.

Whitey talks to Simon Yates after a fantastic race as he and Michael Matthews made it into the breakaway on an incredibly difficult stage. The plan now is to make it to Paris with everyone on board. Stay tuned for more from Orica-GreenEdge and the final stages of le Tour 2015.

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