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Pure Cycles Volta Electric Bike: First Impressions

March 10, 2017
Pure Cycles Volta Electric Bike: First Impressions

Pure Cycles' main focus has always been making sure they provide high-quality bikes at an affordable price. From fixies to urban to road, they ensure each bike is made for comfort, style, and ease - which is why their new electric bike is so impressive. The Volta is the brand's first-ever electric bike. Designed with the intention of packing in as much bang for the buck, the Volta only weighs 35 pounds and allows you to travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. In the words of Pure Cycles, "fly home fast and tackle the toughest hills without breaking a sweat."

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The Volta comes in two colors - black and white - and hides the battery inside the frame, making the e-bike not look like an e-bike. Taking away all the bulkiness of a battery and clunkiness of additional systems doesn't compromise the bikes' power though. On the contrary, Pure Cycles - in tandem with their manufacturer overseas - designed the bike with no crank-drive, no transmission, just a rear-mounted motor to keep the bike perfectly balanced and make your ride effortless. It also comes in either the single-speed belt drive option or the standard 8-speed chain drive.

However, the Volta offers many amazing features that other e-bikes simply don't. With automatic headlights and taillights that turn on at the hint of receding light, the bike is made to help keep you safe - increasing your visibility to others on the road.

The bike also comes with the Volta app, which includes anti-theft GPS tracking so you can always know where your bike is - even if you aren't near it - and also health tracking. Monitor your workout details, see all the calories burned, and always know where your bike is.

Learn more about the Volta here and back the Volta on Kickstarter here.

Bicycle Specs

Pure Cycles Volta Specs

Photos courtesy of Pure Cycles

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