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Backstage Pass 17 - Briefings, Pizza Some GoPro Magic

July 23, 2015

Today's edition of Backstage Pass was brought to us by GoPro - the team was challenged to film the entire episode with GoPro cams and they did a pretty nifty job of it! First observation - we're liking the coffee machine in the team bus. That to us looks like it'd probably be the number one accessory on board.

The bus is pretty much where we start today's Backstage Pass as we see the guys getting their pre race briefing from Whitey, all of them referring to print-out booklets of the stage ahead.

Once they reach Digne-les-Bains then the windtrainers are out and the spinning begins - a chance to warm up the legs for the mega mountains ahead, but also for fans to get up close and personal.

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On a culinary note we're delighted to see a breakaway from sausage bartering - looks like take-away pizzas in the cars are the plat du jour for today's first Mountain stage. Support crew clearly need a serious carbo load as well...

The GoPros catch all the action of support crews passing out bidons to riders in the peloton, offering encouragement as they grind their way up, up and up. Whilst some cyclists look like they're gliding, Pete's in a bit of Barny Rubble (Matt's words, not ours!) with stomach issues, but he makes it through the day, as do all the team. Adam Yates once again shows plenty of promise - it's his first Tour de France but this is definitely going to be a man to watch in the mountains.

Tomorrow the uphill grind continues, with Whitey predicting yet another aggressive push right from the start. But the boys are ready to fight another day...

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