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Backstage 16 - The Serial Barterer

July 21, 2015

Stage 16 was set to be a hot and windy one for the Orica-GreenEDGE team and of course the entire peloton. A perfect day for some snags, really, so Jules was wasting no time sending troopers out with merchandise to barter in return for free sausages. He may be developing a reputation...

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A big surfing fan, Matt reckons Mick Fanning needs to go out and buy himself a lottery ticket following that viral sensation of his run-in with the Great White over in South Africa. At least the peloton only has to contend with a figurative shark...

There's more absolutely, gob-smacking, awesome footage both from the bikes and choppers - seriously France is putting on yet another impressive show confirming just how beautiful she is.

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The crazy KOM is back briefly although frankly we can never understand anything he screams so less is probably more in that regard.

And finally we finish the Backstage Pass with some somber words from Pieter, who likens the day's racing to a session in the casino. Sometimes you gamble a breakaway; sometimes it pays off and other times it just doesn't. Stage 16 proved to fall into the latter for the OGE boys this time.

But now it's time for a second and final rest day before four mammoth days in the mountains. Matt concedes that Froome has clear control for now, but he's going to be in the crosshairs on every descent as every GC rider who can will be working furiously to reel in some of his lead.

Paris is almost here, but boyoboy the battle is really about to warm up now.

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