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A Perfect Fit - Louis Garneau T-Flex 2LS Review

May 21, 2015

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Coming in at the very top end of the cross country mountain bike shoe range, the T-Flex 2LS is a shoe I’d never considered when eyeing off some fresh race slippers. That will definitely change from now on! With all the mountain bike shoes I’ve tried, there’s always been at least one aspect that I've wished was slightly different. Finding the right fit, at the weight and price you are chasing, is no easy task.

From the moment I slipped these shoes onto my feet, I realized my current shoes were probably not the best fit I could have. The T-Flex 2LS fit my feet to perfection. The arch support seemed just right, the length and width was spot on and the dual BOA system meant I could dial in the forefoot to the exact right pressure. No cycling shoe I’ve tried has ever been so comfortable out of the box. With a claimed weight of 360g (Size 43), they come in right around the mark of many competitors’ high-end XC shoes.

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Where this shoe differs from those competitors is in the T-Flex technology. The efficiency of a full carbon sole is evident when you turn on the power, however the shoes are remarkably comfortable and flexible when it comes to walking. No one wants to buy shoes with walking in mind, but a few steps in these shoes were all the convincing I needed. My current shoes are developed with absolute stiffness in mind and until now I had no idea just how uncomfortable walking is.

Brad had the Kona Process on the trails around Bright & Mt. Beauty

Another clever feature of these shoes is the grip they deliver from their dual density lugs. At the core of the lugs is a very firm material, which is then surrounded by a softer, more supple compound to increase traction. With our testing grounds in North-East Victoria covering Mt Beauty and Bright, I gave the shoes a little bit of everything. On the wildly steep and rocky trails of Mystic MTB Park, I’d often find myself walking back up a section to give it another whirl. This was never a problem and not once did I lose my footing. Among the high speed and tight trails of Mt Beauty, I never felt uncomfortable as the shoes launched me off drops, through trees and round loose corners.

If you are in the market for a comfortable and feature packed race shoe, then I urge you to give these shoes a try. I’d be very surprised if you could find a more complete package in an XC/CX racing shoe. This is one product that I’ll be keen to add to my collection.