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Retailer Spotlight: Cycling Avenue

Retailer Spotlight: Cycling Avenue

We are proud to announce a new partnership with one of the major players in the cycling industry! Cycling Avenue is a Canandian online retailer that specializes in selling refurbished bikes from the most trusted brands on the market. Based in Montreal, the company started a little over a year ago, as a subsidiary of Golf Avenue, and is already making big waves on the market. The unique concept behind Cycling Avenue is simple, yet beautiful: give cycling a second look. By refurbishing used bikes, this company aims to democratize the sale and purchase of bikes while making this sport accessible to all. They want consumers to rethink how they consume cycling products.

As cyclists themselves, the people behind Cycling Avenue wish to share their passion with the cycling community. They are an inclusive brand and have given themselves the mission to share their knowledge regarding bikes, equipment, and everything related to cycling, like training, nutrition, or mental health.

Cycling Avenue strives to be the best online bike store for refurbished bikes for all cyclists, regardless of budget or level of experience. That's why every bike you'll find from Cycling Avenue on our website will have gone through several inspection and verification stages to ensure that you get a top-quality product every time.


Because they are not affiliated with any bike manufacturer company, they have the liberty to sell any brands and types of bikes on their site! From high-performance road bikes to simple commuters, as well as downhill machines or electric bikes, the choice is really yours. They also keep in stock a wide selection of frames, wheels, and many other parts and equipment.

This partnership will also allow all our Bike Exchange clients to stop worrying about the location of the bike they are looking for. That’s right, Cycling Avenue ships from coast to coast across Canada!

Even though Cycling Avenue is an online bike store, they still are well aware that there is nothing like face-to-face advice. For that reason, they offer a video call service where you can have a face-to-face conversation with Alex, the in-house bike expert. During that call, you can discuss your bike needs, budget, and let him work his magic in finding the right bike for you. They also have a full-on, dedicated customer service team to help you all along your shopping journey.


A section of their Montreal’s workshop where each bike goes through the same meticulous inspection process

Another thing we like about our partnership with Cycling Avenue, is that they understand it can sometimes take time to find the right bike. For that reason, they offer a 30-day "try it on the road" policy to make sure the bike you buy is the perfect ride for you.

We are very excited about the future of this partnership, and are confident that the products that we display form Cycling Avenue on our website are verified by experts and will give you more performance per dollar invested!