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Liv Bikes

February 25, 2015

Presenting LIV!

Liv is the new cycling brand from Giant. Giant has long been committed to the female consumer, and are now taking that commitment to a new level. Liv is designed to be a confident stand alone brand for female cyclists,

The aim is to make cycling more approachable and appealing so that it can become a mainstream sport and fitness activity among women. Liv offer a comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. No matter your riding style, Liv provides the best products to help you discover new possibilities through cycling.

Liv cyclocross

Liv Personality

Liv make bikes, gear and apparel that allow a rider to feel more confident. Through a genuine, optimistic and inclusive nature Liv relates to all levels of riders, from elite athletes to new fitness riders. Liv believes that cycling at any level can bring confidence and joy to a woman's life, and hopefully inspires more people to make cycling a part of their lives.

Liv is shaped by four key brand traits: genuine, outgoing, confident, and optimistic.

Genuine: First of all, Liv is authentic and never boasts or brag, over-promises or oversells. Liv is simply women who love cycling.

Outgoing: Liv believes cycling is fun, and wants to share this fun with women around the world. That's why Liv is so energized and excited about communicating this message to women everywhere. Friendly and full of life, Liv talks to anyone and everyone about anything and everything to do with cycling.

Confident: Liv knows who you are and what you can do. Liv hopes that confidence inspires curious riders at the beginner level while also enabling those with more riding experience. Never too bold or overly aggressive, Liv encourages other riders to feel more confident in themselves by communicating the confidence we have in ourselves.

Optimistic: A positive outlook is a must for Liv. To Liv, cycling is more than just riding a bike-it's really about discovering the possibilities within. Cycling has the power to transform. But most importantly, riding a bike just makes everything in life that much better.

Live believes that women can discover the possibilities within themselves through cycling. The Our brand slogan is Liv Beyond, and this slogan empowers women to push their own limits through cycling. We should all #livbeyond!

Liv Launch

2015 Liv Road Bikes

Avail 1, Avail 2, Avail 3, Avail 5, Avail Advanced 1, Avail Advanced 2, Avail Advanced 3, Avail Advanced Pro, Avail Advanced SL 0, Avail Advanced SL 1, Envie Advanced 1, Envie Advanced 2, Envie Advanced Tri, Envie Advanced Pro 0, Envie Advanced Pro 1,

2015 Liv Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Enchant 1, Enchant 2, Lust 1, Lust 2, Lust 3, Lust Advanced 0, Lust Advanced 2, Obsess Advanced 2, Tempt 1, Tempt 2, Tempt 3, Tempt 4

2015 Liv Enduro Mountain Bikes

Intrigue 1, Intrigue 2

2015 Liv Flat Bar Road Bikes

Alright 1, Alright City, Alright 2, Alright 3, Thrive 1, Thrive CoMax 1, Thrive CoMax 2

2015 Liv Cyclocross Bikes

Brava SLR 1, Brava SLR 2, Invite Comax, Invite 2

2015 Liv Hybrid Bikes

Cypress DX W, Cypress W, Rove 2, Rove 3, Sedona DX W, Sedona W

2015 Liv Classic & Vintage Bikes

Via 1 W, Via 2 W

2015 Liv Cruiser Bikes

Simple Three W, Simple Seven W, Simple Single W

So what does riding a Liv bike feel like - find out here