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Keeping Your BMX in Shape - with Caroline Buchanan

July 08, 2015
Keeping Your BMX in Shape - with Caroline Buchanan

It’s always a good idea to take your beloved BMX into your shop’s mechanic for regular servicing. But if you're taking it in only to get your chain greased, you might just get a greasy look.

We got advice on some basic maintenance you should perform yourself at home from someone who knows.

BMX and MTB legend Caroline Buchanan offers up her top tips for keeping your bike in great shape, and your mechanic happy...

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1. Check your tire pressures

Ensuring your tire pressures are right for your brand of tire is crucial. Brands like Maxxis tires have higher PSI capabilities then other brands. If a tire says max 90psi don't go over 90. Check your pressures once a week to ensure optimal pressure. My optimal pressure with Maxxis Torch Tires is 100psi.

2. Grease your chain, bolts and bearings

There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky, noisy bike. Ensure your chain, bolts and bearings are regularly greased, especially right after a wet weather race. More care equals less broken parts and greater longevity for your bike.

Find out why Caroline Buchanan rocks!

3. Tighten your stem and chain ring bolts

Too often I see accidents caused by riders skipping simple steps like double checking bolts are tight prior to hitting the track. While riding there are huge forces going through your bars and cranks. General wear and tear on your bolts is amplified by landing jumps short, hitting the gate and dropping your bike. Bolts will work themselves loose over time and all they need is 2 minutes of your attention.

Caroline Buchanan steps us through her bike setup here

4. Know your bike like it's your best friend

Cleaning your bike is a great way to get to know it well. Seeing the welds, the individual parts and the scratches up close gives you the confidence to pedal hard into a big new jump… or when you’re bar to bar racing for a world title. Cleaning your bike regularly and getting into all the right spots - like in between your chain links with an old tooth brush - could save you from a crash.

There have been a few occasions while cleaning my bike that I have noticed minor imperfections in products and replaced them before they could become a risk.

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