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Shut Up Love Handles!

July 08, 2015

Who doesn't love Jensie?

At the recent Trek Factory Racing team presentation and #bearwitness launch in Utrecht, the Netherlands, BikeExchange was lucky enough to catch up with great man and have him step us through Trek's latest Madone.

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Well, in honesty there's not much Jensie has shared that we haven't oohed and ahhed with you about already. He talks about the integrated handlebar and stem, the fact there's something like 20 different sizes when it comes to width and length and angle (so there's something sure to fit everyone).

All cables are integrated and Jensie - like us - gets excited about these sweet vector wings that open when the bike turns, creating a perfectly sleek aerodynamic design.

Jensie is looking forward to getting one 'in the mail' so he can start hitting his local roads with it.

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Speaking of home, we also hear that Jensie is really enjoying waking up of a morning and not having to think about the weather, what training has to be done that day, where he will do it, etc. There's a lot less suffering in his lifestyle these days. Although apparently the flip-side to this is that he's developing love handles - seriously how can you not love this man?! Yes apparently Jensie's training is going down a big, steep, vertical hill. Even at rock bottom of that hill he'd be head and shoulders over most people on the planet!

There's no such thing as a dull chat with this man - enjoy!

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