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Get the Orica-GreenEDGE Look

June 23, 2015
Get the Orica-GreenEDGE Look

The Orica-GreenEDGE boys look and perform a treat, no doubt about it. If you want to feel like a pro by looking like one, here’s how you go about it (aside from full-time training and off-the-charts athletic ability).

Shoes – Shimano

Look out for the new colorway Shimano R321 LTD shoes landing at this year’s Tour de France. They are built for the pro peloton, and are engineered for the perfect fit and maximum pedaling efficiency. The carbon sole stiffness is literally off the charts. Rating a stiffness score of 12 by Shimano despite only weighing in at 1 pound. The custom heat moldable insole adapts to different foot shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for every variation. There is an extra 1/2 inch of cleat adjustment to further help you find that bespoke position. The whole cycle of your pedal stroke will be improved with the external ergonomic heel cup, offering better hold on the up stroke. An aerodynamic profile has also been adopted with low profile buckles and straps, keeping a flat surface. Air intake vents at the front of the shoe will also ensure you stay cool when the weather and race heats up.

Helmet – Scott

Scott offers the Orica-GreenEDGE team class leading lightweight helmets with a great fit and ventilation. Patented Conehead technology gives the riders the edge in safety. The technology absorbs and dissipates impact by acting as a ‘crumple zone’ around the rider’s head. And the new MRAS II fit system ensures a comfortable ride after long hours on the road.

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Sunglasses - Bolle

Orica-GreenEDGE riders tend to split their sunglasses choice between the Bolle 6th Sense and the Bolle Vortex. Both have similar technology with slightly different fit and aesthetics. B-clear lenses are common throughout the range offering riders crystal-clear vision, with ultra-lightweight lens material yet maximum impact protection. A dual sided hydrophobic coating is designed to help make the sunglasses easy to clean. The frames are lightweight and durable, still allowing enough flex for a comfortable fit. And the patented Sport Optical System lets riders insert prescription lenses if required.

Kit - Craft

Craft have been the provider for Orica-GreenEDGE kit since 2014 and they clearly set about creating a pretty tailored relationship, literally… They analysed the association of riders’ shoulders, hips, back and arms, resulting in kit with an optimal riding position fit. They have removed redundant fabric around the armpit and adjusted the back and front pieces of the jersey, with a similar streamlining of the bibs also having taken place.

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Bike – Scott

The Scott Addict is the choice of climbers given its exceptionally lightweight frame and wide bottom bracket. The combined weight of the frame and fork is 2 pound, making it one of the lightest production frame / fork combinations available. Simon Clarke lives on the Addict and it served him well during his recent Giro campaign. Simon Yates is also a fan, winning the Best Young Rider competition at the Criterium du Dauphiné and placing 5th overall on-board this climbing machine. The Addict still manages to maintain an aero profile similar to the Foil whilst keeping its weight significantly less. The robust down tube and bottom bracket also combine to deliver a power to where it is needed most. The Addict comes in multiple versions depending on your price range. The Team Issue version offers an upgraded groupset, wheels and lighter frame. With six versions available, you’ll definitely be able to find a version that matches your ambitions and budget.

Power – SRM

Power seems to be the new black in cycling. Patented in 1987 SRM became the first crank based power meter. This was the first time riders could have an objective measure of performance not based on speed, heart rate or perceived exertion. SRM analysis software allows riders to work meticulously through their performance and make measurable improvements. The SRM system works on road, MTB, cyclocross, triathlon, you name it. So regardless of your discipline you can have the pro advantage.

Saddle – Fi’zi:k

There are not too many more important components to a bicycle for rider comfort and enjoyment then the saddle. It is the base for a rider, it needs to be comfortable enough to sit for hours at a time, and unique enough to be able to cope with the vast differences in rider weight, width and dimensions. Fi’zi:k use a very simple and effective tool to correctly fit riders to saddles. They offer three different fit types depending on the ‘animal’ you are. Pro tour riders and people that are more flexible are described as a ‘Snake’, and their saddle will typically be flat and narrow. ‘Chameleon’ is for those in the middle, with medium level flexibility requiring a flat and wide saddle. And finally the ‘Bull’ saddle which is for riders with rigid spines. Find out which animal you are, and get a saddle to match.

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Components – Continental tires

When all that is separating you from the ground is a 1 inch wide piece of rubber, you want it to be flawless! Continental tires are the choice of OGE and for good reason. They have worked tirelessly (pun intended) to create the perfect mix of tire to handle required grip, rolling resistance and mileage. Continental use BlackChili Compound, producing amazing gains of its predecessor including 26% less rolling resistance, 30% higher grip value and an increase in mileage by 5%. The tires are reinforced with Kevlar to make them highly resistant to punctures. The team typically runs 1 inch tires on road stages and 1 1/4 inch tires on ‘endurance’ stages when cobbles or rough terrain is expected.

Extras – [Etixx nutrition]

Etixx nutrition is the main supplier of Orica-GreenEDGE’s nutrition needs. The biggest selling point from the rider’s point of view is that 100% of Etixx products are tested against the WADA list, guaranteeing that no rider will return a positive test from using the products. They target five key areas to ensure their products meet the needs of the riders. Health – aimed at keeping the body performing optimally through additional vitamins and minerals. Strength – to compliment strength training and promote adaptation to training stress. Endurance – to keep the rider pushing their limits day in, day out. Performance – provide energy, alertness and focus to produce peak performances. Recovery – to help you recover after a hard day in the saddle, and prepare for another one tomorrow.

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Thanks Graham Watson for the great photos.