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Cycology Clothing Kit Review

July 06, 2016
Cycology Clothing Kit Review

Cycology Clothing has been around since 2011 making affordable cycling apparel that stands out from the rest with its hand drawn designs. Based in Sydney's North Beaches, Cycology often refer to the 'obsession' with cycling from themselves and riders alike and aim to build on that unique mix of adrenaline, endorphin's and passion to create products that inspire.

For this review I had the 'Day of the Living' long sleeve jersey and bib-shorts combo, and the 'Bike Obsession' short sleeve jersey to test out.

Who’s it for: Those looking for something a little different from their cycling kit.

What we like: Truly unique designs, shipped worldwide for free

What we don't: Chamois placement, polarizing artwork

Day of the Living Men's Long Sleeve Jersey - $74.85

Cycology Day of the Living Men s Long Sleeve Jersey 2017 BikeExchange

The 'Day of the Living' jersey almost sums up Cycology Clothing in one image - it's bold, it's out there, and it is awash with cycling imagery and a catchy slogan. The long sleeve jersey is made from a 'four way stretch and puling proof fabric' that is lightweight and comfortable.

The kit is described as 'fitted' but it's nowhere near the 'euro' or 'race' cut of some other brands. I was expecting the jersey to be skin tight but that wasn't the case. For reference I'm 184cm, 79kg with a chest measurement of 98cm, which puts me on the border of squeezing into a medium or sitting at the lower end of a large. As a result I chose the large option but could easily have fitted into a medium. The large was comfortable around my torso but far too loose around the arms. The '4-way stretch' fabric has good elastic qualities so there's enough stretch to go down a size and not feel restricted. Cycology offer a 90-day return and exchange policy which is good news for anyone that encounters a similar issue.

The fabric is lightweight and comfortable, suited to autumn or spring weather conditions where it's mid-teens. This kit was tested smack bang in the middle of Melbourne winter which was typically windy and cold. The cold winds cut through the jersey as there's no windproof protection so another outer layer was essential.

The designs are truly unique, each hand drawn and specific to the chosen message, of which there are a few crackers. Prepare to be noticed if you go for the 'Day of the Living' kit, the huge skull on your back with 'Live to Ride, Ride to Live' emblazed below is sure to get attention. Cycology do a range of different designs including some more low-key kits if subtle is more your thing.

There are three pockets on the back that sit low, making them easy to reach on the go, perfect if you are searching for food or just absolutely have to get your phone out for an instagram shot. Of all the features on the kit, this one I appreciated the most.

The jersey and bib-shorts both have reflective paneling for extra visibility which is a huge tick. Even though the designs are loud, in the dark nothing can be seen, so the reflective strips were a life saver.

The jersey has a full zip, gel grippers and flat stitched seems, all features of high quality kit and not typically expected at this price.


  • Full zipper with Cycology logo puller

  • 240g/m fabric weight for warmth with good ventilation

  • 4 way stretch & piling proof fabric - 85% polyester and 15% elastane

  • Gel injected gripper on the sleeve cuff and reflective tab on rear pockets

  • Flat stitched seams

  • Sizes from 'Small-medium' up to 'Double Extra-large'

Cycology Day of the Living Men s Long Sleeve Jersey 2017 BikeExchange 2

Day of the Living Men's Bib Shorts – AU $97.32

Cycology Day of the Living Men s Bib Shorts 2017 BikeExchange 1

The 'Day of the Living' bib-shorts are made from the same 'four way stretch' fabric as the long sleeve jersey with matching artwork. As with the jersey, the bib-shorts have good elastic qualities providing a snug fit but allowing riders that want a genuine race-cut bib short to go down a size. The graphics are heat pressed transfers which are totally smooth and don't cause any rubbing or chafing.

The braces on the bib-shorts were fantastic. Often braces can be tight and begin to pull on your shoulders but the 'Day of the Living Men's Bib Shorts' offered plenty of room without being loose, making for a pain free ride.

The chamois is large but mostly thin aside from two small dense pockets that are intended to position right on the sit bones. Unfortunately for me they sat too high and as a result I missed out on that intended cushioning. For me, only rides of up to 90mins were comfortable. As with most things from Cycology, the chamois is unique, featuring it's own artwork with slogans such as, 'find the one you love & stick to it' and 'the agony and the Xstasy of the long distance cyclist'. Not that you'll notice once you're on the bike but it's clear they haven't forgotten about the little things.

Elastic grippers prevent the legs from riding up and becoming uncomfortable, and for the most part I barely noticed the bib-shorts which is a sign of good gear.

It's worth pointing out that these bib-shorts retail for $97.32. For that price you'd be able to get these and the matching long sleeve jersey for the same price (or less) as bib-shorts (or jersey) on their own from a lot of other brands. There's no denying the value for money offered from this Sydney brand.


  • Italian "Miti" gripper elastic on leg cuffs, lazer cut for seamless comfort.

  • Flat locked seams to keep chafing away

  • UPF 50+ sun protection

  • Sizes from 'Small-medium' up to 'Double Extra-large'

Cycology Day of the Living Men s Bib Shorts 2017 BikeExchange 3

Bike Obsession Black Men's Jersey - $74.85

Cycology Bike Obsession Black Men s Jersey 2017 BikeExchange

The short sleeve 'Bike Obsession' jersey didn't get much of a run, (on its own without additional layers anyway) on account of the time of year, but it's lightweight and breathable and perfect for warmer temperatures. It's made from 'superb thermal regulating Italian fabrics' and features the same 'four way stretch' fabric of the 'Day of the Living' kit.

This jersey feels much more fitted then the long sleeve option and I was impressed with the cut. The loose arms of the long sleeve were gone, but the comfortable fit around the torso remained. I would still be tempted to go down a size with the forgiving properties of the fabric and the fact you're less likely to layer up or have thicker thermal base layers while wearing it in warmer temperatures.

The design is a little more subtle than the 'Day of the Living' which should appeal to a wider audience. The blue and black design is easy on the eye and much more inline with the majority of other kits on the market.

The same easy to reach pockets from the long sleeve feature on the 'obsession' jersey. The pockets sit low and the lip of the left and right pockets angle downwards making it even easier to grab things out in a hurry. A nice feature is the extra zippered pocket if you want to store keys or other valuables. It's a little small for bigger Smart phones, but great for keys and cash.

A full zip, gel grippers and flat stitched seems feature on the short sleeve jersey matching the feel of the long sleeve.


  • Full zipper with Cycology logo puller

  • "Miti" Italian Gripper elastic on sleeves & hips, lazer cut for seamless comfort.

  • Sun Protection Factor 50

  • 3 rear pockets + one zippered ‘valuables’ pocket

  • Flat stitched seams to keep chafing away

Cycology Bike Obsession Black Men s Jersey 2017 BikeExchange 4

Cycology offer free shipping worldwide. Orders to the U.S. are estimated to take between 5-20 working days. As well as cycling kits they also have an extensive range of casual T-Shirts, Hoodies and accessories (caps, tights, underwear).

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