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Christmas Gift Guide for Bike-Loving Kids

April 19, 2018
Christmas Gift Guide for Bike-Loving Kids

Any new cycling accessory will encourage and motivate children to spend more time pedaling. Assert their independence by getting them some cool accessories that will take them out on the bike more often and better equipped. Second to unwrapping a brand new bicycle for Christmas, bike-loving little ones will enjoy all the fun accessories that go along with cycling, read on for shopping inspiration.

A New Helmet


Part and parcel of owning a bike is ensuring you're protected while riding it. Updating your child's helmet is a sure fire way to inject some fresh motivation to get your kids out in the saddle.

The Lazer Nut’z helmet has a fantastic range of patterns and sizes specific to children, and even better have the option of changing the outer shell to mix up the design. These helmets mimic the sporty, ventilated design of adults helmets and are easy to change the style as quickly as your child changes their mind.

Freestyle BMX Balance Bike


Balance bikes teach kids coordination and balance without training wheels from a young age. If the youngest of the clan has seen the older kids enjoying time on the bike or trying tricks at the skatepark, encourage them to join in the fun with a sturdy, BMX style balance bike.

The Kink Coast combines features and geometry for children, with that of a BMX bike. The 12 inch wheeled Kink Coast is truly a balance bike designed for working a child’s way up to their first BMX bike, which means kids will feel completely comfortable on their first pedal bike.

For a more in-depth look at buying a balance bike, check out our Balance Bike Buyers Guide

Bicycle Bell


Teach children good bike path etiquette with a new bell. Also adding a bit of bling to the handlebars, a bell is more tolerable for parents than a loud horn, and other path users will appreciate the warning.

The REX I Love My Bike bell suits all genders, ages and comes in a variety of anodized colours. It is easy to push, has a classic ring to it and fits easily on the handlebars.

Hydration Pack


As it warms up for summer, keeping hydrated is vital, and often kids (and lets face it, us adults too!) forget to do this! Instill a sense of adventure by getting them a hydration pack. Not only can they pack snacks and spares, but will enjoy the novelty of having water on tap as long as they keep it filled up!

The OSprey Moki is a streamlined hydration pack designed for young riders. It has an easily accessible front pocket and a rear larger pocket that can accommodate the 1.5 liter reservoir for on-the-go hydration, as well as other necessities.



Having a lock mean the kids have the freedom to take their bike on adventures down to the shops, to friends places or school and not have to be too concerned with it being stolen.

The Knog Kabana lock is easy to fit in a backpack or can be wrapped around the top tube. The Australian made and owned lock comes in a variety of colors and has two spare keys secured by an armband that prevents lost keys. The silicon outer will not damage or scratch the bike, and the inner is constructed of braided steel cable, making it a challenge to cut should it be attempted!

Front Basket


Kids love taking their toys along for the ride, so why not fix a basket to the handlebars to spruce up the bike, moreover, it means Mum and Dad don’t have to carry water bottles or snacks if the child can carry their own things.

This Reid basket has a nice vintage feel and is made from a durable natural cane. The leather straps easily fit onto handlebars with strong snaps to keep everything in place. The basket also perfectly fits a lunch box!

First Bike Computer


If your child is riding to school and likes gadgets, keep them interested with an entry-level cycling computer so they can see how far they have ridden and perhaps set some goals for themselves.

The Knog Nerd 9 displays current and average speed, a 12/24 hour clock (no excuses for getting to school late!), trip distance, odometer and is all contained in a flexible, waterproof silicone body. Available in multiple colors to match your child's ride or favorite things, the N.E.R.D 9 is easy to fix to the handlebars without tools and can be programmed to record for two bikes.



Kids, be seen! Lights are a fun way to start good safety habits on the bike and make for a cool addition to the handlebars.

The Globber Flash Lights adds extra bit visibility needed when riding in low light conditions and comes in a variety of colors. The strap of the light is made of silicone which makes it suitable to fit on bikes, scooters, and helmets thanks to the simple hook attachment. There are two modes available, one flashing and one steady. Unlike other lights, the LED light shines in the color of the light too - it's not just a plain white.

Riding Sunglasses


Eye protection is paramount, especially for young eyes. Shield your child's peepers from the sun's harmful rays as well as debris encountered on the bike with a quality pair of kid-specific sunglasses. Kids will feel cool and sporty with their own pair of cycling sunglasses!

Eyewear brand BBB makes a pair of affordable sunglasses in three colors to in a specially modeled kids size. The sunglasses are 100% UV protected, are constructed with a durable frame and polycarbonate lens and include a pouch to store them in. Additionally, extra lenses are available in clear and yellow for low light conditions.

Bidon/Water Bottle


Carrying water is vital during summer, and having a leak-proof, good quality water bottle should mean no one goes out underhydrated. A children's specific one will feature unique, fun designs.

The Camelbak Podium 0.6L Kids Bottle is a lightweight, easy-squeeze bottle featuring a self-sealing Jet-Valve that prevents spillage. BPA and BPS free, the Podium also has a removable nozzle for ease of cleaning.


We hope this gift guide has been helpful in steering you in the right direction when it comes to buying gifts for young riders. Want even more choice? Check out the wide range of kids bike accessories for sale on BikeExchange available from leading retailers across the country

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