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Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

November 13, 2018
Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Experiencing the joy on your little one’s face as they unwrap the cycling gear featured below is sure to bring a smile to your face this Christmas.

We’ve scoured our leading independent retailers and compiled a list of what we think are the best cycling related gift ideas for your kiddies this festive season.

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A New Helmet


Part and parcel of owning a bike is ensuring you're protected whilst riding it. Updating your child's helmet is a sure way to not only make sure of their safety in the saddle, but it’s certain to motivate them to get outdoors on two wheels and explore to their heart’s content.

At BikeExchange, we have a wide range of styles, patterns and sizes specific to children. With a wide range of funky designs on offer, you’re sure to find a lid to suit your child’s personality. Measure the diameter of their head and then match it to a helmet they’ll love.

A Balance Bike


Balance bikes teach kids coordination and balance from a young age. If the youngest of the clan has seen the older kids enjoying time on the bike or trying tricks at the skatepark, encourage them to join in the fun with a sturdy balance bike.

Balance bikes are a great way to introduce children from the age of two (or younger) to cycling and do so without the confusion of pedalling. Kids love these confidence inspiring rides as they provide the freedom to scoot alongside their pedal-powered siblings without fear of coming unstuck in the process.

For a more in-depth look at buying a balance bike, check out our Balance Bike Buyers Guide

Bicycle Bell


Ding Ding! Teach children correct bike path etiquette with a new bell. Along with adding a bit of bling to the handlebars, a bell allows children to announce their presence on the bike path to other users and are (far) more tolerable for parents than a loud horn or similar.

Being an accessory, you’re sure to find a bell to suits all genders, ages and colour preferences. Look for a bell that offers a fun design, is easy to fit, easy to use and is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that only adventurous children are capable of.

Hydration Pack/Water Bottle


As the days get longer and warmer, the desire for kids to spend more and more time on the bike is sure to increase, and keeping hydrated is vital. Often kids (and let's face it, us adults too!) forget to do this!

Set them straight and instil a sense of adventure by getting them a hydration pack. Not only can they pack snacks and spares, but will enjoy the novelty of having water on tap as long as they keep it filled up! There are a number of great children-specific options on the market, with CamelBak as the leader.

Think a hydration pack may be a little bit of overkill? A good quality water bottle and carrying cage is a great alternative and should mean no one goes out underhydrated. A children's specific bidon will feature unique, fun designs sure to suit every child's personality. Look for a bidon with a spill-proof cap to ensure maximum liquid retention as well as a bottle that’s BPA and BPS free to keep their drink of choice as fresh as can be!

When it comes to carrying the bottle, find a holder that will fit your child’s bike. If they’re using a 20 or 24in wheeled bike, then a “side access” cage should allow for a bottle to be carried within the frame. Otherwise look for one that mounts to the handlebar.



A sturdy bike lock allows kids the freedom of taking their bike on adventures down to the shops, to friend’s places or school.

A suitable kids bike lock should be easy to fit in a backpack or fitted to the frame of a bike when not in use. Many kids focussed locks will come in a variety of colours and have a couple sets of spare keys for mum and dad to hold onto in the event of lost keys. Look for silicon outers or similar to avoid damaging the paintwork on your child's pride and joy, and the inners constructed of braided steel cable to deter potential thieves

First Bike Computer


If your child is into their riding and is fond of a gadget or two, keep them interested with an entry-level cycling computer. Cycling computers allow a child to keep track of the time, distance covered and their speed and allow them to set some goals for themselves!



Kids, be seen! Lights are a fun way to start good safety habits on the bike and make for a cool addition to the handlebars.

Not only will a decent light add the extra visibility needed when riding in low light conditions, but the majority of kids specific lights will also come in a variety of colours and designs too!

Silicone straps make fitting and switching a bike between different bikes a breeze, however, a more basic plastic clamp may provide a more robust option. Most lights will feature a number of modes, including steady beams for seeing where they’re headed, and flashing for being seen.

Riding Sunglasses


Eye protection is paramount, especially for young eyes. Shield your child's peepers from the sun's harmful rays as well as debris encountered on the bike with a quality pair of kid-specific sunglasses. Kids will feel cool and sporty with their own pair of cycling sunglasses!

Sunglasses on your hit list should be 100% UV protected, constructed with a durable frame have a quality lens and include a pouch to store them in. Additionally, some glasses will feature extra lenses to change up the look and function of your child’s glasses to suit different light conditions or style choice.

A Scooter


Looking for an affordable alternative to a kid’s bike? A scooter is a great option! Sure to entertain, scooters are perfect for exploring local paths and trails or having fun with at the local skate park.

Generally, scooters will have two wheels, with a brake mechanism attached to the rear which is applied by placing the back foot on it. Kids scooters are man-powered through the motion of kicking along the riding surface with either leg.

If you’re looking to get your child started on a scooter, it’s worth ensuring they have the right equipment to keep them safe too. In addition to a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads are great for children looking to test out their skills at the skate park.

We hope this gift guide has been helpful in steering you in the right direction when it comes to researching gifts for young riders. Want even more choice? Check out the wide range of kids bike accessories for sale on BikeExchange available from leading retailers across the country