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Caroline Buchanan's Bike Check

April 13, 2015
Caroline Buchanan's Bike Check

Multi world champion bike rider and Olympian Caroline Buchanan steps us through the details of her new bike and set-up; black is the new black!

display Caroline Buchanan Bike

The Rider

Name: Caroline Buchanan - Read more about why Caroline rocks here

Age: 24

Height: 5′ 1″

Weight: 63kg

Location: Canberra Australia

Partners: DK Bicycles, Sony Australia, Harley Davidson, Maxxis Tires, Subaru Motors, BMX High Performance Program, Australian Institute Of Sport, Birzman Tools, Aim For The Stars, Fly Racing, ODI Grips, Fist Gloves, OnTheGo.

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The only modification I made to my bike was Barry Nobles got the Dremel tool to the wheel tensioners and modified them to be able to have the wheel base length shorter with the rear wheel pushed up closer to the frame when I run my smaller gearing. I also add cable ties to the pedals to eliminate float in the pedals.

Which parts do you go through the most?

I’ll go through ODI grips the fastest and cable ties on my pedals which help give me less float on my pedals.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…

I like my bike to feel stiff and quiet with nothing rattling. My bars are generally slightly off to most peoples eyes but line up perfect to my dodgy eye sight. My chain is always quite tight also because I hate hearing the rattle when it is slightly loose or the give in it when I set up on the gate.

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?

I’m most particular about stiffness. In BMX weight is not a crazy focus but stiffness definitely pays off getting out of the gates fast and all the power driving through your legs and arms being delivered through the drive train and not being wasted.

The biggest difference that I have felt on my bike since using the oversized Box Components has been the stiffness and response in power delivery propelling me forward faster and straighter. 20ml hubs, 20ml through axles, oversize BB30 bottom bracket, 31.8 Ø oversize stem stem and bars... These have all been a night a day difference in the feel of the ride and wasting no energy.

Do you remember your first “real” BMX bike?

Yeah! My first real BMX bike was a Mongoose Super Goose Pro. It was grey and so light and I loved it. Following that I had a Powerlight.

Favorite part:

Box Components Genius brake lever incorporate an all in one clamp making it compatible for ODI® Lock-On® grips. Something small but a finer touch making the bike clean and sleek with one less part.

Are you particular about your PSI? How much do you run?

I usually run 100 PSI, but will take some out if its dirt slippery corners or finding it hard to gain traction on a wet slippery start gate. I will also put a DTH on the rear for slippery conditions over a torch on the rear.

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The Bike


Black DK Bicycles Professional v2 20.5″

Frame Features:

20mm drop out w/tensioner blocks for both 3/8" and 20mm axles

Head Angle:



Box Components X2 Carbon Fork


Box Components Maximus Handlebar 7.5” inch rise - BX-HB1431875


Box Components Delta Stem, 31.8, oversize - 48mm - BX-ST13D1848

display Close up Stem

Stem Lock:

Promax Stem Lock



Brake lever:

Box Genius Brake Med Lever - BX-BL15ODIMR-BK - ODI® Lock-On® grip compatible


BOX Components


Box Components Genius V-Brake

Seat/Seat Post:

BOX Components Echelon Race seat & post combined 27.2mm

Seat Post Clamp:

Box Components Helix Quick Release Seat clamp


BOX Components Vector Crankset 170mm - BB30/PF30 Praxis 35-millimeter external bottom bracket compatible (hollow-forged arms)


Shimano PD-M424 Pedals

Bottom Bracket:

Box Components BB30/PF30 Praxis 35-millimeter external bottom bracket

display Close Up BB30 bottom bracket


White Industries



Chain Ring:


Front Tyre:

Maxxis TORCH 20” X 1.75”

Rear Tyre:

Maxxis DTH 20” X 1.75″


Box Components 20” x 1.75 Focus front rim, Focus Rear Rim


Box Components 20-Mil Hollow Hubs, 20mm drop out. Rear w/tensioner


Box Components 20-Mil Hollow Hub Axles

Number Plate:

Black Box Components

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