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What we do at Bike Exchange

May 14, 2015

What we do ........

Back in the day, we used to buy…

In a department store, which we’d visit in person to find (almost) everything under the one roof. We thought that was making our life easier.

Then things got simpler…

And we started jumping on the internet, scouring literally dozens of independent sites, and cherry-picking from a combination.

But now it’s a whole new world…

Where we can buy from online marketplaces – it’s like taking everything available in the department store along with all the different independent sites and then making it all come together and fully accessible from the one online destination.

And that’s where we come in - welcome to BikeExchange – America’s new #1 website for everything bike and the world’s best, most innovative example of online marketplaces.

What makes BikeExchange work for buyers?

If you’re in the market for a bike, a bike part, accessory, bike holiday or even tickets to a bike event, you’ll find them on BikeExchange.

We have thousands of products for sale across America. Our Incredibly fast and sophisticated search engines mean you can find exactly what you’re after in a flash, and our responsive platform means you will find a user-friendly version of us regardless of whether you’re browsing from your smartphone, tablet laptop, or other device.

What makes BkeExchange work for bike stores?

If you’re a retailer, BikeExchange enables you to essentially set up a virtual shop. You do this either by listing all the products you have for sale, or setting up your own e-commerce website on the BikeExchange platform. You then effectively open your doors to the huge and ever increasing traffic we have passing through each month. You also benefit fully from our high-tech back-end; so leave all the complicated stuff to us and back in your store and do what you do best.

How do you buy on BikeExchange?

You’ve got plenty of options!

1/ Add the product to your shopping cart

2/ Select ‘Buy Now’ and pay for your product on the website (this is available only through retailers who conduct e-commerce on BikeExchange)

3/ Choose ‘Click & Collect’ if you’d prefer to pick up your product in-store

4/ Email or call the store and sort out a payment that works best for you both

Why buy on BikeExchange?

We bring the marketplace to you – everything bike around America is at your fingertips

We help you to shop safe online thanks to our robust safety and privacy policy that we take extremely seriously

There’s value in warranty – when you purchase from overseas sites, you largely forego the safety net of a warranty. Not so with BikeExchange!

What if the product is not quite right? What if it’s a present and the lucky person already has that exact product? Not a worry – when you’re purchasing new products from our site, you’re covered by a returns policy

We deliver right around the country (express at additional cost), so it doesn’t matter where you find your product – we can get it to you!

And we know it’s a cliché, but wait! There’s more!

We are truly #everythingbike, and along with items for sale on BikeExchange you’ll now find an incredible range of stories, reports, news, advice, training ideas and plenty more when you come to visit us.

Thanks for finding out more about us. If we can help with anything else, touch base with us here