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An All-Mountain Shredder

May 21, 2015

The Super 2 MIPS equipped is Bell’s flagship helmet in the enduro, all-mountain and trail riding scene. On paper it is packed full of features all designed to maximize comfort, safety and usability.

On unpacking the helmet, it becomes obvious how different it is to a traditional mountain bike or trail helmet; this is big, burly and tough looking. It gives the impression of safety and the safer I feel, the more I’m wiling to push hard on the trail.

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The main feature of this helmet is MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). Without us having to sit through a physics lesson, there is a liner in the helmet that stays in contact with the head and allows independent movement of the helmet shell in a crash. This means your head has longer to decelerate in a crash… So remembering back to high school - the longer something takes to stop (your head in this case) the less force that is applied to it. While this may make the helmet sound like it will flop around on your head, I can assure you it doesn’t. The TAG fit system keeps the helmet nice and snug on your head, which for me this was the best feature.

During our days spent riding around Bright and Mt Beauty we were keen to bring you footage and feedback on the trails, and as such we had to wear helmet cameras. The helmet never moved thanks to the great retention system and vast wrap around coverage. Mounting the cameras was a breeze as the helmet came with an integrated yet removable mount.

If getting full enduro is your thing, the Super 2 has a goggle guide to keep them securely in place and if you want to go a step further the Super 2 is the same helmet as the Super 2R, it just requires the purchase of the removable chin bar. So you can have two helmets in one.

Another minor but potentially very useful innovation on this helmet is the ICEdot code on the back of the helmet. This is a unique code that allows first responders access to your ICE (in case of emergency) information. This is done by sending an sms text message containing your code to the number listed on the helmet. I can see this becoming far more common throughout the industry as it’s a very simple system.

I do apologize that I didn't fully test this helmet, as much as I pushed the limits down the trails in the Victorian High Country, fortunately for myself I never crashed. For the All Mountain and Enduro style of riding that these trails warrant it was the perfect helmet; amazing comfort and packed full of safety features, the Bell Super 2 sets the benchmark in this field.