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Envy by name & nature

February 12, 2015
Envy by name & nature

Envy by name, Envy by nature.

Ok – so this month’s Bayern Rundfahrt and Wethepeople Envy have very little in common, apart from the fact they’re both German.

But in celebration of the great Bavarian bike ride that has just taken place, not to mention our colleagues at BikeExchange Germany, Deutschland is all the link we need to spend time checking out the Envy…

This BMX blows us away.

Firstly – there’s a zero fail in the looks department. This is understated cool at its best. Translucent matte black with sleek decals, the Envy looks like stealth on wheels; like a smoky bandit ready to roll and cut some wicked tricks.

But this BMX doesn’t just rely on its good-looking greatness.

Germany and engineering go hand-in-hand and Wethepeople Envy is all about upping the innovation ante year after year. So no matter how awesome this bike is, rest assured they do something 12 months down the track that makes it even better.

So what’s on the cards in 2014? Well, for the first time they Envy is coming with 23/8t switchable cassette and brand new Eclat Onyx V2 Spline drive cranks featuring the cutting edge 24mm spindle size. Both the fork and bars are post weld heat-treated, the frame is full sanko tubing, and the whole bike is built up using top-shelf products only.

And is it a good fit? Hell yes – two frame sizes have got almost all shapes and sizes covered.

2 medium we the people envy 2

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Go on, get Envy-ous!