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Top New Products from Interbike - # 1

September 16, 2015
Top New Products from Interbike - # 1

Just like every year Interbike is the place to be! It all began with the Demo Day, where bike enthusiasts had the chance to test products which are just about to be released or have been released a few weeks ago. The trails of Boulder City were just perfect to show the abilities of these new bikes in a proper way.

Bollé Diamondback

The Diamondback from Bollé is kind of a hybrid between lifestyle and sport glasses. They look hot but even have some specific details which make them perfect for mountain biking or road biking. Important parts are rubberized (gummed??) for a safe hold on your nose. This makes the Diamondback the perfect glasses for people who want to ride in style.

IMG 8379

Camelbak Lowrider

This new Backpack from Camelbak definitely grabbed our attention. The so called Lowrider is a hydration daypack which distributes the weight to the lower back which guarantees a perfect weight balance and a better air flow at the upper back. It comes with a easy accessible tool compartment and carries up to 3L (101 fl oz)

IMG 8359


Kask is mainly known for superior road helmets. They’re releasing a new enduro helmet to complete their lineup and it looks like the KASK Rex is just as perfectly designed and engineered like any other KASK helmet. Some clever details like an integrated action cam mount and a variable sunshield make this an outstanding product.

IMG 8362

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Lezyne Alloy Pump

A floor pump is an essential tool that every biker has in his garage. This special Lezyne pump stands out with a good looking and durable design as well as a precise digital meter.

IMG 8351

Origin Flask

We don’t need to say how fast this product caught our attention. This stylish bottle holder isn’t made for hydration at all, but we’re sure you find something tasty for filling in there.

IMG 8287


How often have you fallen over the front because you pulled the front break too hard? With this little helper you’ll never fly over you handlebars again. A clever system regulates the pressure and makes sure you break safely.

IMG 8333

Smith Squad MTB

It’s getting dirty now. To protect their eyes and due a better hold, downhill and all-mountain riders choose goggles over regular glasses. This specific one from Smith has an extra wide field of sight. The 3 layer foam pad ensures itch free hold on your face.

IMG 8277

Speedplay Syzr

What is the most important thing while mountain biking? It’s the the connection between you and your bike. Due to this fact pedals are one of the most important parts on your bike. Speedplay revolutes this connection in a way that no other bike company has done yet. With the Syzr pedals you have no more power loss through bending because the cleat sits 100% in your pedal and ensures the best possible power transfer.

speedplay syzr

VanDessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The Belgian company VanDessel has the one answer for everybody. No matter if you want a cyclocross bike or a commuter. With the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot you literally build every kind of bike. It takes nearly every wheel size and is super durable, you can ride it with gears or singlespeed.

IMG 8314 Bearbeitet

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