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Training Through Winter

November 06, 2015
Training Through Winter

Let’s face it – the weather for most states over the next 4 months will be somewhere between mediocre and miserable.

Yes - we are heading toward stationary trainer season. So if you’re not willing to get out into a massive head wind coupled with horizontal rain and the occasional dose of hail and snow, then get yourself a stationary trainer… And get one fast, before all that summer conditioning is lost and you’re left with a mighty big hill to climb (literally and figuratively) come spring.

3 Tips to Keep Stationary Training Interesting.

1/ Always have a program

Don’t just jump on and think pedaling to your favorite tv show is going to work – it’s mind-numbingly boring and you just won’t put in a solid effort. Hit the bike with a plan in place.

2/ Your home entertainment system is your friend

Although we know people who have done it, riding a stationary trainer whilst looking at a blank wall for a few hours is really not advisable. Catch up on those movies you’ve been wanting to watch, pull out your favorite Tour DVD, or just crank up MTV and get going.

3/ Ipod and a view

If you’re happy to prop the stationary trainer up along the window and just rely on the view and your smart phone to keep you company, then we’ve got a hot tip. If you’re not already on the TED Talks bandwagon, check it out. Download some talks and work your brain as well as your body.

So now you’re set, you just need the stationary trainer. We’ve got a few ideas at three different levels of the market. Whether you want to splurge, or keep the spending in check, we’ve got you covered…


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Ok - if you're after the Rolls-Royce of stationary trainers, then you've got to check out Wahoo.

Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Kickr Powertrainer 2015

Get your iPhone ready – it’s going to power this trainer! Remove your rear wheel, connect to the Wahoo KICKR and get ready for a super smooth, resistance-controlled cycling. We reckon one spin on this and you might seriously wonder if you need to head outside as often as you normally would… It’s addictive!


Mid-level pricing and we couldn’t split hairs between CycleOps and Kinetic.

CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer

The resistance units on this trainer have been designed to be quieter and deliver more consistent power curve unit to unit. There’s a genuine riding feel that the JetFluid delivers and a precision balanced flywheel that will manage sustained intervals and surges. Find out more here.

Kinetic Trainer

This direct-drive trainer is designed to integrate into the bike’s drive train. All you need to do is remove the rear wheel, slip the trainer into the dropouts, and you’re ready to roll. That whole artificial wheel-meets-roller feel is eliminated. Find out more here.


Who doesn't love a total bargain?

Blackburn Tech Mag 3 Trainer

Muck like the Minoura V270, but with a single leg design so as to be more competitively placed. Although this model has the V270’s strong power, the V150R is your pal when it comes to hill-climb training.

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