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New from Shimano - The Shimano CM 1000 Sport Camera

January 29, 2015

Even if you already have a camera to capture your ride take a look at the new Shimano CM-1000.

The Shimano Sport Camera is a new breed of devices offering incredible high resolution photos and/or HD images.

This is camera is perfect for posting awesome pics to Facebook and Instagram.

But first let’s talk practicalities.

Mount it.

The CM-1000 Sport Camera comes with an adhesive mount and vented helmet mount, although you can get hold of additional (tool-free) handlebar mounts, flexible mounts, chest mounts and cap mounts. All angles covered!

Shim 1

Get Techy.

WiFi connectivity and custom iOS and Android apps allows for live views, video playback and remote adjustments. The camera also uses ANT+ and ANT private wireless connections so you can transmit data from your bike computer to capture your performance in video. Hhhmm – there’s a bit of pressure to dance on the pedals!

Accessorize it.

You’ll get a USB and start-up manual with this Sport Camera, which uses iOS 6.0 and Android 4.2 apps as a remote controller, angle monitor, tool-setting changer and video previewer. If you’ve got Windows 7 or Mac OS then you’ll be able to edit to an even more sophisticated level.

Shim 2

Get your Shimano CM - 1000 Sport Camera here

Quality Control.

OK let’s talk standard of images and footage. The CM-1000 Sport Camera delivers awesome low-light performance thanks to the F2.0 bright lens, whilst superb 1080p HD video is captured via the 16MP black illuminated CMOS image sensor. Choose between the dual, standard angle 135 degree and super wide 180 degree modes, or use the 90 degree increment auto image rotation to flip the camera in multiple directions whilst keeping a horizontal image plane. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Even a mediocre photographer is probably going to look like a wizard with this!


The all-important question – how much does it weigh? When you factor in the battery and lens cover, you’re looking at 86 grams in a streamlined, pocket size. Think a stack of standard cards, and then go a bit smaller.

Shim 3

Foul Weather Friend.

Basically you would have to take your bike diving before water becomes an issue. This baby is waterproofed up to 10-meters.

Saying cheese never looked so incredible.

Shim 4