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Scott 2016 - First Look at Eurobike 2015

September 03, 2015
Scott 2016 - First Look at Eurobike 2015

The first thing you notice about Scott's 2016 line-up is those paint jobs - Scott has gone super fluorescent grabbing the attention of even the most dedicated Specialized rider even if only for a second...because it's just really hard to look away.

Scott Foil 10 and 20

fullpage Scott foil

fullpage Scott foil downtube

Scott Scale 700 SL

fullpage scott scale

Scott Spark 920 & 930

fullpage scott spark badge downtube

fullpage scott spark range

fullpage scott spark rear shock fox

Scott Genius 900 and LT 710

fullpage Scott Genius

fullpage genius range of colours

fullpage genius nude fox rear shock


fullpage Scott addict bars

fullpage Scott addict drive train

fullpage Scott Addict

Scott Plasma Team Issue

fullpage Scott plasma

fullpage Scott plasma headtube

Solace Premium Disc

fullpage Scott solace badge

fullpage solace premium disc seat tube

fullpage Scott Solace Premium Disc

fullpage solace rear triangle

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