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No Time for BBQs - Robbie Explains Rest Day

July 21, 2015

If you think 'rest' days during the Tour de France means a sleep in and dagging around in some Tour de France merchandise PJs, then think again.

Robbie McEwen explains to us why riders will be doing anything but staying away from their bikes on this second and final rest day during the Tour de France. In short - they've got to keep the system running otherwise they risk being unable to even get out of bed for the next day of racing.

Some might head up a mountain, some might do a course recon, others might hit the windtrainers - whatever the choice, legs will continue to spin.

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Then it will be all about massage and staying as horizontal for as long as possible, because even though riders have now completed the lion's share of this epic 21-day event, the most hellish stages are just around the corner.

Not that Robbie has to worry about that anymore - he can afford to kick back with some snags and take a bit of time out from the media circus!

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