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Life of a Pro (Mechanic)

July 02, 2015

Orica-GreenEDGE Bike Mechanic Andrzej Pozak has been with the team for four years.

The bike mechanics are there to support riders in the event of a mechanical issue (crash/ puncture etc) during a race, and then to clean and check over bikes once racing is complete. When it comes to Grand Tours, there's very little down time for these guys - they're lucky if they have a spare hour in the day!

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The hardest part of a mechanic's job is whenever there is a crash - these guys are the ones usually crossing their fingers that it hasn't happened to a rider on their team.

The biggest change Andrzej has seen in his time as mechanic is - probably no surprises - the shift from mechanical to electronic, but it's a change that has made life easier for Andrzej.