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Merida at the Tour de France

July 07, 2015
Merida at the Tour de France

Teams riding Merida:



The Reacto is Merida’s aero road machine and borrows much of its technology from the Warp TT. The main feature being the ‘NACA Fastback’ tube profiles, drop shaped with cropped tails. This cropping leads to greater airflow in different wind conditions, minimising turbulence in crosswinds especially. The Reacto was the choice of World Champion Rui Costa and was used by Sacha Modolo very successfully in the Giro.

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The Scultura is Merida’s lightweight option for the climbers on Lampre-Merida. The new and improved Sultura drops weight again from an already superlight weight frame, but also adds in better aerodynamics, wider tires and a longer geometry. The new geometry was created with the pro riders in mind, longer with a shorter headtube making it far more aggressive and eliminating the need for pros to have negative stems. The increased tire clearance is also crucial, the team now being able to comfortably run 1 inch tires. The aero profile moves in the direction of the Reacto, aiding in performance on the flats, as well as a beast in the mountains.

A very different perspective of Pro Tour life


Merida’s Reacto’s ‘NACA Fastback’ tube profiling came from the Warp TT, and along with integrated brakes, cabling and full carbon fork, it is one of the best tested TT bikes in the peloton. The team at Merida put the Warp through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing before arriving on the final design. The frame is super stiff thanks to the thick tube width and looks very aggressive with the slightly dropped down tube. The cockpit is very clean, Merida seeing that as an area to separate themselves from the competition.

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Thanks Graham Watson for the great photos.

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