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Interbike full tech coverage: Part Two

September 27, 2016
Interbike full tech coverage: Part Two

Whereas Eurobike is the undisputed king of international bicycle trade shows, Interbike has taken on more of a regional feel with plenty of mainstream brands and products on hand but also many smaller US-based brands, along with a wealth of upstart companies and occasionally quirkier technologies that might not otherwise see the light of day.

We covered plenty of ground yesterday, but there’s still more than half of the show left to see and two full days in which to see — and show — them.

Once again, we’ll be updating this photo gallery throughout the day with a continuous stream of fresh images and information, along with live videos on our Facebook page by the one-and-only Dave Everett.

US technical editor James Huang will also be focusing on answering questions you’ve asked us directly during yesterday’s coverage, and definitely please leave your specific requests in the comments below as usual.

Argon 18 krypton xroad InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43072  1

Argon 18’s Krypton XRoad is designed for riders who want more stable handling, disc brakes, and more tire clearance for tackling dirt and gravel.

Argon 18 krypton xroad dropout InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43072  1

Argon 18 has curiously fitted the new bike with quick-release dropouts at both ends, however.

Argon 18 Gallium Disc InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43074  1

Argon 18 now has a disc-equipped version of its Gallium Pro road racer, complete with flat mount calipers and front and rear thru-axles. (Ed: This was covered at Eurobike, but it’s worth another look)

Argon 18 Gallium Disc thru axle InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43075  1

Argon 18’s new Gallium Pro Disc uses a slick quick-release thru-axle design, similar in concept to Focus’s RAT system. Just depress the red safety catch and flip open the lever…

Argon 18 Gallium Disc thru axle InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43075 2  1

…rotate it counterclockwise by one-quarter turn, and slide it out. Fast and easy.

bonk breaker choc mint InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43077  1

Bonk Breaker has added a new mint chocolate chip flavor to the range. And yes, it was as delicious as you’d imagine it would be.

picky bars gluten free dairy free nutrition InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43066  1

Picky Bars was founded by three pro athletes who were seeking natural, real-food options to eat on-the-go during workouts. All eight flavors use dates and brown rice cereal as a base, and they’re also all gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO-free. This one – called Moroccan Your World – was perhaps my favorite during a rather extended tasting session, loaded with flavorful cardamom, turmeric, ginger, and pistachio. So, so tasty.

Wahoo KICKR Snap trainer InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43067  1

The Wahoo Fitness KICKR Snap stationary trainer features an electronically controlled resistance unit like the original KICKR for a realistic feel, quiet running, and easy compatibility with online environments such as Zwift and TrainerRoad. The convention tire-driven design and simplified frame bring the price down considerably, however, to a more palatable US$699.

Wahoo KICKR trainer version2.0 2016 CyclingTips 43068

The revamped Wahoo Fitness KICKR retains the original version’s direct-drive format, but with an easier-to-transport frame, quieter operation, and faster response time from the electromagnetic resistance unit.

Wahoo KICKR 2.0 handle InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43069

Wahoo Fitness says the redesigned KICKR’s handle is now more logically placed and shaped for easier carrying.

Phil Wood headset InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43070

Phil Wood debuted a new headset at this year’s Interbike show, complete with the company’s trademark stainless steel cartridge bearings filled with waterproof grease for long lasting durability. Only conventional 1 1/8-inch threadless fitments are available for now, but there are eight brilliant anodized colors from which to choose.

Phil Wood Headset Spacers InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43071

Phil Wood’s US$170 asking price for its new headset will include a top cap and a stack of spacers to match.

Bianchi OLtre XR4 road bike InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43060

Bianchi’s Oltre XR4 not only goes the aero route with a sleek shape, but also supposedly offers a smooth ride. The company’s Countervail technology embeds damping materials into the carbon lay-up, which is said to help squelch vibrations before they get to the rider.

Bianchi Oltre XR4 aero integrated cockpit fsa InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43061  1

The aero integrated cockpit is augmented by profiled headset spacers.

Bianchi oltre xr4 cable routing InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43062

The internal cable routing can accommodate both electronic and mechanical drivetrains, although the exposed wiring suddenly looks a bit crude as compared to some of the competition’s totally hidden setups.

bianchi oltre xr4 direct mount brake InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43063

The new Bianchi Oltre XR4 uses direct-mount rim brake calipers front and rear.

Bianchi classic L Eroica 2016 CyclingTips 43064

Bianchi was one of the first mainstream companies to offer a throwback-style road bike, catering to the newfound buzz surrounding events like L’Eroica.

Bianchi retro crank InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43065

The three-arm aluminum crank looks deliciously retro.

Rivet leather saddles Debra Banks InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43059

Debra Banks is the “Rivetress” – the mastermind behind Rivet’s superb range of classically styled leather saddles, handlebar tapes, fender flaps, and bags.

Parxis Cycles 1x chain guide braze on InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43056

Praxis Cycles’ minuscule chain guide family will soon have a braze-on variant for 1x-equipped cyclocross, gravel, and adventure bikes.

Thule back pack range InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43057

Thule is best known as a car rack company, but it also has an incredibly broad collection of bags and soft goods.

Thule bike travel case bike stand InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43058

This Thule bike travel case isn’t new, but it’s still an ingenious design. The base to which the bike anchors when it’s inside the case doubles as a portable repair stand to make assembly and disassembly a piece of cake.

Industry Nine AR25 Disc All Road Wheels InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 430551

Industry Nine’s new AR25 Disc All Road wheels use a 21.5mm-wide (internal width) tubeless-compatible aluminum rim for use with higher-volume road tires. Claimed weight is just 1,440g and retail price is US$1,195.

Industry Nine AR25 rim InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43047

Industry Nine could certainly have brought the weight down on the new AR25 Disc All Road wheels by using a carbon rim, but the aluminum one is perhaps better suited for the higher levels of abuse such a wheel is likely to see. Plus, 1,440g is already plenty light.

Industry Nine AR25 Disc Wheelset hubset InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43048

Anchoring the AR25 Disc All Road wheelset is Industry Nine’s own hubset. The rear wheel incorporates a quick-engaging six-degree ratchet mechanism along with 2-to-1 spoke lacing to help balance tensions from left to right.

Industry Nine AR25 Disc Hubset brake options InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43049

Industry Nine will offer the AR25 Disc All Road wheels in both Centerlock and six-bolt versions, with interchangeable end caps for every major axle fitment as well as Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo, and XD freehub bodies.

MRP braze on 1x chain guide InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43050

MRP has added a new braze-on fitment to its 1x V3 chain guide family – perfect for single-ring cyclocross bikes.

Kali helmet phenom snapon cover InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43051

Lazer isn’t the only company to offer clear snap-on helmet covers for weather protection. Kali Protectives offers a similar option for its Phenom model.

Kali aero road cycling helmet InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43052

Kali’s Tava aero road helmet will supposedly save you some watts with its trim profile and minimal venting.

Kali Tava aero road cycling helmet back InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43053

Exhaust ports at the back of the Kali Tava are designed to help pull hot air out the back of the helmet.

Kali Tava internal safety system InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43054

What’s really interesting about the Kali Tava is what’s inside. Those little pliable cylinders are said to offer similar functionality to the MIPS low-friction liner by allowing some helmet rotation upon impact – saving your brain from doing the same inside your skull. Their softness supposedly helps reduce impact forces, too.

IMG 0492 1024x683

The folks behind mountain bike drivetrain component company Wolf Tooth have launched a new frame company called Otso. The Warakin is a stainless steel do-anything road machine that can accommodate both 700c and 650b “road plus” setups for a wide range of uses.

IMG 0493 1024x683

Otso is just getting started, and I’m guessing there’s more to come.

Masi Legacy GranCriterium Interbike2016 1 1024x683

Masi produced just 100 of these US-made Legacy Gran Criterium framesets, and not surprisingly, they’re nearly gone. Built with Columbus Life tubing with an Enve carbon fork, and painted by the same man who painted Masi frames in the mid-1980s, it’s arguably a steal at US$2,300 with a Chris King headset and custom Castelli cycling kit to match.

Masi Legacy GranCriterium Interbike2016 2 1024x683

Not many bikes can boast exclusivity like this one can.

IMG 0488 1024x683

BMC is undoubtedly proud of Greg Van Avermaet’s win in Rio. The picture doesn’t do this bike justice (nor does the lackluster Las Vegas lighting).

IMG 0489 1024x683

Giro’s Sub Pop collection adds a bit of extra style to a few select pieces.

IMG 0481 1024x683

CatEye’s Rapid X2 Kinetic rear LED light automatically adjusts its intensity and flashing pattern when the on-board accelerometer detects that you’re slowing down. Claimed run time from the USB-rechargeable battery is about 30 hours in flashing mode, maximum output is 50 lumens, and retail price is US$50.

IMG 0482 1024x683

CatEye has partnered with Canadian company 4iiii Innovations to help its crankarm-based power meter reach more US customers. The unit itself is identical to the 4iiii-branded version. Retail price is US$420-620, depending on which Shimano crankarm you choose.

IMG 0480 1024x683

Want some more color in your life? CatEye picks up where Avocet left off in the early 1990s with a rainbow of color options for its Padrone cycling computer.

Daylight will soon grow increasingly precious for riders in the northern hemisphere. The CatEye Volt 500XC offers a very usable 500 lumens in a self-contained rechargeable package that costs just US$50.

IMG 0483 1024x683

If you're looking for more candlepower for your pre-dawn (or post-dusk) riding, CatEye also has the more powerful Volt 1600 with a – you guessed it – 1,600-lumen output. Retail price is US$220.

IMG 0484 1024x683

The Rapid X3 is CatEye's brightest rear light with a blinding 150 lumens of output. Retail price is US$60.

IMG 0485 1024x683

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