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Interbike full tech coverage: Part three

September 28, 2016
Interbike full tech coverage: Part three

We’ve been bringing you plenty of tech from Interbike and have more to show today. US technical editor James Huang is busy with his camera, checking out the latest products on offer and giving the important details behind the images.

Once again, we’ll be updating this photo gallery throughout the day with a continuous stream of fresh images and information, along with live videos on our Facebook page by the one-and-only Dave Everett (full series coming soon).

James will also be focusing on answering questions you’ve asked us during the previous days’ coverage, and definitely please leave your specific requests in the comments below as usual.

You can also look back on our previous coverage.

Click here for Wednesday’s day one and then go here to see Thursday’s images.

Prologo Scratch 2 C3 CPC Airing  1

Prologo will offer its new CPC Airing concept on all three of its primary saddle shape families: the semi-round Nago, the flat-profile Zero, and the traditionally rounded Scratch 2 as shown here.

Prologo Nago C3 CPC Airing  1

The new Prologo Nago C3 CPC Airing saddle features the latest incarnation of the company’s novel CPC non-slip texturing technology. This top-end model comes in at an extraordinarily light 153g (claimed).

Prologo CPC Airing  1

Prologo’s original CPC texture system used an array of tiny rubber tubes spread out in strategic patches on the cover to provide grip and a bit of cushioning. The latest CPC Airing design features hexagonally shaped groupings of those little tubes that supposedly offer the same benefits, but with the additional plus of a little airflow to help keep your nether regions more comfortable.

KS Dropper post gravel bike InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43118  1

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing dropper seatposts on gravel and adventure bikes in the near future. Especially on rougher terrain, it can be very beneficial to be able to lower your center of gravity at will.

KS Zeta 50mm road dropper post InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43119  1

KS is perhaps the only company to actually market a road-specific dropped post. The Zeta model offers just 50mm of maximum drop, but in a sleek package that is barely noticeable when properly installed. The seal head sits right on top of the collar, and the top is then cut to fit.

Thomson Elite setback v2 InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43120  1

Thomson has finally redesigned its somewhat awkward looking layback post with a more conventional design that also offers a more generous 25mm of setback vs. the original one’s 16mm. This one doesn’t require as much extension, either.

Thomson masterpiece carbon seatpost InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43121

Thomson hopes to have its new Masterpiece seatpost ready shortly after the new year. The carbon fiber shaft and carbon fiber clamp assembly adds up to just 160g, including hardware.

7Mesh ultralight jacket InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43114

WL Gore has now opened up availability for its groundbreaking Active fabric to other brands. Premium Canadian clothing company 7Mesh’s ultralight rain and wind jacket weighs less than 100g – an astonishing 30% decrease over the already-feathery example from Gore Bike Wear.

7Mesh ultralight jacket InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43115

7Mesh’s claim to fame is its attention to detail in regards to fabrics, patterning, fit, and construction methods. This front panel, for example, extends all the way through to the sleeve, with just enough seams to create an ergonomic fit. Minimizing the number of seams makes for a more pliable garment and a lower weight, too.

7Mesh ultralight jacket InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43116

7Mesh actually convinced YKK to create this zipper custom, using components from three different stock zippers. According to 7Mesh, this setup is easier to slide up and down and produces less stress on the surrounding material.

7Mesh ultralight jacket InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43117

Every detail has been scrutinized, such as the laser-cut hem and reflective surface treatment, which uses less material than a conventional hem that is folded over.

7Mesh ultralight jersey InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43108

7mesh also went ultralight on this climbing jersey, built with almost zero fabric overlap and ultrasonically welded seams.

7Mesh ultralight jersey InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43109

The backing fabric was chosen to maintain the surrounding material’s stretch characteristics.

7Mesh ultralight jersey InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43110

Meanwhile, the front of the jersey is laser cut and bonded directly to the zipper – because it’s lighter.

7Mesh ultralight jersey InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43111

Minimal? You betcha.

7Mesh ultralight jersey InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43112

The lower hem is simply folded over and bonded to provide just a bit of structure to the bottom.

7Mesh ultralight jersey InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43113

7mesh doesn’t market its new ultralight jersey as waterproof but it’s impressively water resistant.

Kask Mistral aero helmet InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43102

Kask showed off two new aero helmets at this year’s Interbike show. The Mistral, as used by the Australian team at the Rio Olympics, is essentially an evolution of the current Bambino Pro with a somewhat clipped tail that accommodates a wider range of head positions.

Jpow kask helmet InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43103

Jeremy Powers is on Kask helmets this year.

Kask custom painted helmet noble hardesty InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43104

Kask displayed two stunning helmets hand-painted by a Japanese artist who goes by the name of Noble Hardesty.

Kask custom painted helmet noble hardesty InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43105

A paint job like this perhaps provides even more motivation than usual to stay upright.

Kask Chris Froome helmet InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43106

Kask produced this helmet for Chris Froome, using a longer tail optimized for riding in an ideal head position.

kask aero helmet prototype InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43107

Kask is still playing with the design of this helmet, and may never even bring it to market. One of the development questions is how to best funnel air out the back for good ventilation.

SwissStop Catalyst disc rotors InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43100

SwissStop is expanding beyond brake pads with the new Catalyst disc rotor. The construction is very straightforward – a stainless steel track on an aluminum carrier – but SwissStop claims that the rotor shape and hole pattern dramatically reduce operating temperatures and braking distances.

SwissStop Catalyst disc rotors InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43101

SwissStop’s Catalyst disc rotors incorporate three wear indicators so you know when they need to be replaced. When the little black divots are flush with the rest of the rotor surface, it’s time for new ones. It’s an ingenious feature that should be included in every rotor, along with the Catalyst’s rounded edges.

Inno racks rooftop cargo box InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43096

Inno Racks' rooftop cargo box differs from its competition in that it uses a vacuum molded upper shell and an injection molded lower one. Most companies vacuum mold both sides, which is noticeably flimsier and less durable.

Inno racks aero roof rack cross bars InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43097

Inno Racks has its own range of aero-shaped roof rack cross bars. Multiple tower styles are available to suit different applications.

Innos roof rack thru axle InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43098

Thru-axle compatibility is going to become an increasingly big concern for roadies as disc brakes become more mainstream. This Inno Racks fork tray is purpose built for the task.

Inno racks hitch carrier InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43099

Inno Racks displayed a new hitch mounted tray-style rack that secures each bike at the wheels and down tube. When not in use, the arms fold up for more compact storage than usual.

LightMotions Urban line 950 lumens front cycling light InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43084

Light&Motion’s Urban line is an excellent all-in-one option for road riding as the days get shorter. The top-end version churns out 850 lumens yet takes up minimal space on the bars. Pioneer Expanded Sensor Network

pioneer expanded sensor network InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43085  1

Pioneer is currently developing a highly intriguing electronics package for gathering up information on how riders pedal and move on the bike. Wireless sensors on the shoes, seatpost, stem, and helmet capture a moving 3-D profile of how everything is moving in space, and then the data is analyzed later.

pioneer expanded sensor network shoe pod InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43086

pioneer expanded sensor network software InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43087

The collected data is quite extensive, capturing not just how the rider pedals but even how much time they spend rocking the bike side to side.

Pioneer Dura ace 9100 power meter InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43088

Pioneer will have its dual-sided Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 model available before the end of the year.

pioneer campagnolo potenza power meter InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43089

Want to run a Pioneer power meter with your Campagnolo drivetrain? Pioneer will install its power meter setup for you on a Potenza 11 crankset.

Effetto Mariposa 10 year anniversary torque wrench InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43078

Effetto Mariposa is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its Giustaforza portable torque wrench. It arguably established a trend a decade ago when it came on to the market, and it’s still one of the better options available today.

Boyd Cycling 90mm TT road wheel InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43080

Boyd Cycling has added a new 90mm-deep carbon road wheel to its range for riders who are concerned more about straight-line speed than crosswind stability and low weight.

Boyd Cycling White Industries hub InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43079

All Boyd Cycling wheels now offer US-made White Industries hubs as an available upgrade for US$350. Rear hubs feature machined titanium freehub bodies that are more resistant to scoring than aluminum ones.

Boyd Cycling keronite plasma electrolytic coating InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43081

Boyd Cycling is also offering Keronite plasma electrolytic coatings on select alloy models. The surface treatment is said to boost braking performance in both wet and dry conditions, and is also highly resistant to wear so it looks good for a longer period of time.

Boyd Cycling Black and tan tubulars alloy wheelset cyclocross InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43083

New from Boyd Cycling is the disc-specific Black&Tan aluminum tubular wheelset, aimed straight at budget-minded cyclocross racers with its 23mm-wide rim and a tire bed profile shaped for 32mm tires.

Boyd Cycling centerlock hubs InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43082

The Black&Tan uses Boyd Cycling’s standard Quest hubs.

IMG 0549 1024x683

Pearl Izumi will soon make available these limited-edition X-Project MTB/CX shoes, with a special graphical treatment to help raise funds for the Amy D Foundation. Amy Dombroski was a young American cyclocross racer who was tragically killed while training on the road in Belgium two years ago. Pearl Izumi will donate US$100 for each pair of shoes sold, with additional donations coming from an associated clothing line.

IMG 0550 1024x683

The Pearl Izumi Road Elite shoes feature a similar construction to the top-end model, including a one-piece upper that wraps around the underside of the carbon outsole to reduce the stack height. Retail price is US$240.

IMG 0551 1024x683

Why stop at 11 when you can go to 13? Pearl Izumi’s carbon outsole is apparently quite rigid.

IMG 0547 1024x683

Pearl Izumi is making a big push for daytime visibility on the road with its new BioViz range. According to Pearl Izumi, the collection isn’t just about bright colors, but also where on the body they’re most effective as well as the exact hues that are most visible at a distance.

IMG 0548 1024x683

The fluorescent shoe covers are especially visible because they’re in reciprocal motion.

IMG 0553 1024x683

Pearl Izumi has revamped its mid-range Escape collection with more refined fits, a new chamois design, and more subdued and elegant graphical treatments.

IMG 0554 1024x683

Pearl Izumi says it’s measured how much shorts compress both in the main part of the leg and at the opening in an effort to eliminate the dreaded “sausage leg”.

IMG 0555 1024x683

The new pads are only stitched at the front and rear edges, leaving the middle to move with the rider to supposedly reduce the incidence of chafing. Tapered edges in the foam underneath leave no hard edges, either.

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