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Interbike full tech coverage, Outdoor Demo

September 26, 2016
Interbike full tech coverage, Outdoor Demo

This year’s international bicycle trade show calendar concludes with a final stop at Interbike in Las Vegas, Nevada. While substantially smaller than Eurobike, the top North American event is still no slouch with over 750 exhibitors and 1,400 represented brands on site inside the Mandalay Bay convention center.

Before basking in the warmth of fluorescent lighting and recirculated air, though, things kick off an hour east in nearby Bootleg Canyon for the two-day Outdoor Demo – technically a subset of Interbike, but big enough that it’s practically a trade show in and of itself, chock-full of the latest bikes, gizmos, and doodads that will land in shops in the coming months.

Just as we did at Eurobike, we’ll be covering Interbike and the Outdoor Demo in virtual real time with ticker tape-style photo galleries that we’ll be continuously updating throughout the day – as well as a stream of live videos on our Facebook page. So check back early and often, and we’ll do our best to make sure there’s always something new at the top of the page. If you have any specific requests, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 50

Squirt has a low-temperature formula of its wax-based chain lubricant that better retains its viscosity properties in extreme cold – perfect for wintertime riding.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 51

Smith’s new ChromaPop lens tints are said to more specifically block and transmit specific wavelengths of light for enhanced contrast and clarity. The concept is similar to what Oakley does with its Prizm lenses.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 46

Shimano is expanding into the clothing and accessories markets with new clothing aimed at urban riders.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 47

Finish Line has lubricants and cleaners specific to, well, just about everything.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 48

Ryders’ new Roam sunglasses use NXT cast polycarbonate photochromic lenses with an anti-fog inner coating and a hydrophobic outer one. The lower half frame can be removed as needed or desired. Retail price is US$240.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 49

Oakley is never one for subtlety.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 43

Glukos takes a slightly different approach to hydration, adopting what is essentially the complete opposite philosophy of companies like Skratch and Osmo. Instead of using drinks solely as fluid and salt replacement, Glukos has more than twice the calories. Not surprisingly, it’s quite sweet.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 44

Infinit Nutrition got its start with custom formulated exercise nutrition products (which the company still produces). For those whose needs aren’t quite so particular, there are also ready-made products available off the shelf.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 45

I’ve seen plenty of jewelry made of recycled bicycle parts before, but none that were laser-cut from old inner tubes.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 42

The microphone is embedded up front, immediately behind the brow pad.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 41

The rear of the helmet is where the battery and charge port are embedded. Simply pry back the cover and plug in a micro-USB cord.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 40

Bone conduction headphones are integrated into the straps, so you can listen to your music but still hear your surroundings.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 39

Upstart company Coros introduced a new connected road helmet, complete with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, bone conduction headphones, and a microphone for streaming audio, navigation prompts, and even taking calls on the go. Retail price is US$200. And yes, it looks an awful lot like a Specialized S-Works Evade helmet, but the company insists the resemblance is unintentional.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 34

Both versions of the Pressure Overdrive floor pump use Lezyne’s new quick-release pump head, which no longer inadvertently unscrews valve cores.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 33

Lezyne will offer both analog and digital versions of the Pressure Overdrive. The standard edition will cost US$140; the Digital Pressure Overdrive will cost US$165. Both are available in stores now.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 32

Having trouble getting your tubeless tires seated, but don’t want to buy a compressor? Lezyne is one of the latest companies to offer a pressure-reservoir floor pump to make the task easier. Simply charge the main chamber of the Pressure Overdrive by pumping as usual, and then flick the lever to release a giant burst of air.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 36

Knight Composites’ new 35mm-deep carbon tubular rim is 25mm-wide, with a tire bed curvature that roughly splits the difference between a higher-volume road tire and a cyclocross casing.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 35

Knight Composites now adds a 35mm-deep carbon fiber tubular rim to its lineup for road and ‘cross use. Claimed weight for the rim brake version is 350g; the disc-specific version is slightly lighter at 325g.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 38

According to ProShift, the device will automatically shift your drivetrain based on a combination of speed, cadence, and power output.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 37

ProShift’s US$800 widget transforms your electronic drivetrain into a fully automatic transmission.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 27

The CTRL e-Tint sunglasses are powered by an on-board rechargeable battery and solid-state light sensor to adjust the lens darkness as needed. Claimed light transmission varies from 12-55% or 14-62%, depending on base tint. Retail price is US$295.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 31

Masi has done a fine job of color accents on this Speciale Randonneur.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 30

The Masi Speciale Randonneur returns for 2017, but this time with 650b wheels and WTB Horizon 47 tires as stock equipment instead of last year’s 700c setup.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 29

Masi’s adventure bike features a TIG-welded chromoly steel frame, generous tire clearance (both both 700c and 650c wheels), wide-range gearing, and heaps of braze-ons.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 28

Masi’s product manager has been having fun playing with potential colors. What say you – yea or nay?

Interbike OutDoor Demo 25

The handlebars get a slight outward flare on the new Devinci Hatchet.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 24

The fork is particularly slick on the new Devinci Hatchet, with a blind non-driveside dropout and hidden fender mounts inside the fork blades.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 23

Devinci calls this the “Intake Port”. The convertible internal routing system will accommodate both mechanical and electronic drivetrains, as well as internally routed dropper posts.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 22

As with virtually every disc-equipped road bike in 2017, the Devinci Hatchet will come equipped with 12mm thru-axles and flat-mount calipers front and rear.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 21

Devinci’s new Hatchet will fit tires up to 700x40mm wide.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 20

Devinci enters the gravel road game with the new Hatchet.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 19

Crankbrothers launched at Interbike a new F-Series of premium multi-tools. The top-end F15 features – you guessed it – fifteen different tools, all housed in a neat magnetic case. Retail price is US$43/€43.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 18

The new traction pad setup is far more durable than the clip-on system previously used.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 17

Crankbrothers continues to refine its pedals in the name of improved durability. The latest versions feature Enduro bearings, Igus bushings, double seals, and adjustable traction pads.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 16

Crankbrothers claims the Klic pumps’ magnetically connected hose with withstand up to 130psi of pressure without blowing off. Even if that happens, though, a one-way valve keeps air in the tire.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 15

Top-end Klic pumps tuck a small CO2 inflator inside the pump handle.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 14

Crankbrothers’ new Klic mini-pump features hidden hoses with a magnetic attachments, inline pressure gauges, and built-in CO2 inflator heads (depending on model). Road and MTB-specific versions are available, too. Prices range from US$37/€37 to US$56/€56.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 13

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 11

Post mount brake calipers offer very good compatibility for custom builds. Chip-style dropouts can accommodate different axle types as needed, too.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 10

The welded-in solid chainstay section yields extra tire and drivetrain clearance.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 9

Van Dessel established its name in the cyclocross world, but now has a firm footing in the adventure market thanks to bikes like the WTF. The chromoly steel frame has room for big tires, front and rear disc brakes and thru-axles, and generous array of braze-ons.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 8

The new WickWërks double chain guide installs in place of the standard braze-on front derailleur bolt and washer. The concave interface keeps the whole lot from spinning under load.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 6

WickWërks showed off this very neat-looking chain guide for road and cyclocross bikes running double chainrings. The inner and outer guides are independently adjustable, as is height. Retail price is US$50.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 5

Marin may be a mass-produced bike company, but neat details like this are still very much appreciated.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 4

Marin fits both ends of the Four Corners Elite with thru-axle dropouts.

Interbike OutDoor Demo 3

There was once a time when the only thing people wanted to know about a new bike was how much it weighed. Now, the most common question is, “How big a tire can I fit?”

Interbike OutDoor Demo 2

Marin continues to push forward in the adventure category with the new Four Corners Elite, built with a Columbus Thron butted chromoly tubeset, clearance for 700x45c tires, a SRAM 1x drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes, and plenty of braze-ons for bottles, racks, and fenders.

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