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Interbike 2016 full tech coverage, Part One

September 27, 2016
Interbike 2016 full tech coverage, Part One

With the OutDoor Demo now behind us, Interbike now heads indoors for the main event: three full days at the Mandalay Bay convention center packed with the latest and greatest bikes and gear for the coming season (and maybe some not-so-latest-and-greatest, too).

US technical editor James Huang will be roaming the halls and updating this photo gallery in virtual real time with regular updates throughout the day — meaning that when he sees it, you’ll see it right afterward.

US editor-in-chief Neal Rogers is also on hand with additional reporting, and interviewer extraordinaire Dave Everett will once again be posting live videos to the Cyclingtips Facebook page.

Just as a reminder, feel free to leave any special requests for our crew in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to fulfill them. In the meantime, it’s time for us to don some comfy shoes and venture out into the halls with cameras and notebooks in hand.

Lezyne Super GPS InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43044

Lezyne’s updated Super GPS computer features turn-by-turn navigation, automatic tracking alerts, both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone alerts, and much, much more – all for the bargain basement price of just US$150.

Skratch Labs recovery drinks InterBike 2016 CyclingTips 43045

Skratch Labs adds three new recovery drinks to its mix of exercise and hydration nutrition products.

Seasucker Komodo sports car bike rack Interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Seasucker showed off this stunning CNC-machined aluminum bike rack called the Komodo. The four vacuum cups (not to be confused with everyday suction cups) are spaced tightly together so as to fit on short rear decklids like what is often used on convertibles. The cups are mounted on ball joints and the arms individually pivot for a perfect fit. Retail price is a whopping US$1,395.

SeaSucker front wheel holder Interbike 2016 cyclingtips 2

If you don’t feel like tossing the front wheel into the trunk, you can opt for Seasucker’s slick accessory mount instead.

SeaSucker Komodo close up Interbike 2016 cyclingtips 3

US$1,395 is obviously an enormous amount of money to spend for a single bike rack, but the construction is unusually high-end, and it looks fantastic. Seasucker offers the Komodo in multiple anodized color options, too.

SeaSucker Komodo front end Interbike 2016 cyclingtips 4

The front end of the Seasucker Komodo rack uses interchangeable inserts for use with different axle standards.

SeaSucker sideways demo Interbike 2016 cyclingtips 5

While it isn’t recommended that you mount its racks sideways like this, it’s nevertheless a good demonstration for how Seasucker racks work.

Lake cx301 lightweight shoe Interbike 2016 Cyclingtips

Lake takes a different approach to a lightweight climbing shoe, using a single Boa cable reel instead of Velcro straps or laces. The Clarino microfiber synthetic is lighter than Lake’s usual kangaroo leather, too. Claimed weight is just 181g for a size 44 shoe, and Lake will offer both standard and wide widths.

Lake CX301 road cycling shoe Interbike 2016 Cyclingtips 2

Lake builds the CX 301 with a dual-layer, hollow carbon fiber sole. The outer layer is made of stiffer carbon fibers for efficiency, but the inner layer acts as a carbon fiber lasting board, made of more pliable fibers that give a bit under pressure for what Lake says is for better all-day comfort.

Rolf Prima Hyalite road wheel Interbike 2016 Cyclingtips 3

Rolf Prima bills its Hyalite aluminum clincher as a gravel/adventure wheel, but its low weight (just 1,520g, claimed), generous 22mm internal width, and tubeless compatibility potentially make it a good choice for wider road tires, too.

Rolf Prima made in house Interbike 2016 Cyclingtips 4

Rolf Prima actually rolls its own rims in-house, and laces them to custom US-made hubs from White Industries.

Rolf Prima internal cam quick release Interbike 2016 Cyclingtips 5

Hallelujah! Rolf Prima is one of the latest companies to ditch poorly functioning external-cam skewers in favor of internal-cam ones that generate more clamp force.

Maxxis Relix 25c tubular tyre interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Maxxis is diving deeper into the high-end road market with the new Relix 25mm-wide tubular. Claimed weight is 300g.

Maxxis Rouler TR tubeless road tyre cyclingtips

The Maxxis Rouler-TR is a tougher 28mm-wide tubeless-ready road tire with bead-to-bead casing reinforcement and a dual-compound tread. Claimed weight is 360g.

Maxxis Re Fuse gravel tyre interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Maxxis aims the Re-Fuse at rough roads or even dirt and gravel, depending on the conditions. The file tread design is offered in several 700c and 650b sizes.

Maxxis Rambler Ravager gravel tires cyclingtips

The Maxxis Rambler (left) and the new Ravager (right) are purpose-built for dirt and gravel, with 40mm-wide tubeless-ready casings, Silk Shield reinforcement, and your choice of a fast-rolling or grippier tread design.

Maxxis Raze tubular cyclocross tire cyclingtips

After several years of prototypes, the tubular version of Maxxis’s Raze cyclocross tire is finally available to consumers.

Powertap hammer smart trainer interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Powertap’s answer to “connected” indoor trainers like the Wahoo KICKR is the new Hammer, built with a hefty 20-pound flywheel, a built-in power meter, computer-adjusted resistance (up to 2000 watts), and both quick-release and thru-axle compatibility.

Fabric floor pump interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Fabric is continuing to build its range of pumps, which now includes this rather upscale-looking floor model.

Fabric floor pump gauge interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Fabric’s new floor pump uses a real wooden base and a huge gauge for easy visibility.

Tioga Spyder series saddle interbike 2016 cyclingtips

Tioga’s Spyder series of saddles looks decidedly odd with their web-like open structure. The dual density makes for remarkable support, though, with seemingly just the right amount of give. A silicone rubber cover keeps the top from being too slippery. With carbon rails, the claimed weight is a paltry 120g.

Tioga Spyder Stratum saddle interbike 2016 cyclingtips

The Tioga Spyder Stratum was the first in the company’s Spyder series, and it’s still a very viable (and extremely light) option.

Tioga Spyder Undercover Stratum saddle interbike 2016 cyclingtips

The Tioga Undercover Stratum uses the same dual-density “Spyder” shell, but with a molded foam layer over the top for extra comfort.

Schwalbe new cyclocross tire range cyclingtips

Schwalbe’s cyclocross tire range recalls the spirit of the old Onza Porcupines.

FSA power2max power meter interbike cyclingtips  1

FSA has partnered with Power2Max to produce a line of own-brand power meters with independent left/right data, an automatic zero offset, and a claimed battery life of 300-400 hours. Road versions will be offered with either solid-forged aluminum or hollow carbon fiber arms.

Kryptonite bicycle lights inteerbike 2016 cyclingtips

Kryptonite is expanding outside of bicycle security with a new line of front and rear lights.

Norco valence junior road bikes cyclingtips

Norco has new junior-sized Valence road bikes available for up-and-coming roadies.

Ottolock Interbike 2016 Cyclingtips

The Ottolock is really only meant for medium-duty security. Although the steel and Kevlar strap seems remarkably resistant to cutting, the three-tumbler combination lock would likely be the weak link. Even so, it could be a good option for quick stops, especially the shorter 18-inch version that easily fits in a jersey pocket.

Ottolock close up Interbike 2016 cyclingtips

The Ottolock relies on a multilayer strip made of steel and Kevlar for security. It seems quite impervious to conventional bolt cutters.

RockyMounts singlerail hitch rack interbike 2016 cyclingtips

RockyMounts showed off the new SingleRail platform-style hitch rack, complete with fat bike-friendly folding cradles, easy one-handed arm operation, and an optional add-on kit for a third bike.

RockyMounts singlerail hitch rack prototype interbike 2016 cyclingtips

The RockyMounts MonoRail prototype used 3D-printed parts, but production racks will use molded components.

RockyMounts singlerail hitch rack swing action interbike 2016 cyclingtips

The RockyMounts Monorail Swing is perhaps the only platform-style rack on the market with a swing-away base design for easier access to the back of the vehicle. Retail price is US$529.

RockyMounts Compton bicycle lock interbike cyclingtips

RockyMounts has pulled a surprise move with a full line of bicycle locks. The Compton supposedly uses the thickest steel shackle on the market for ultimate security.

RockyMounts Carlito bicycle lock interbike cyclingtips 2

Need to lighten up? The RockyMounts Carlito appears big and burly, but is actually super light with a 13mm-diameter aluminum core hidden away inside the tough looking exterior.

park tool new for 2017 cyclingtips 1

Park Tool's new Euro-style repair stand features articulating legs, a neat two-stage clamp with independent height and rotation adjustments, and a neat clamp that easily accommodates both quick-release and thru-axle bikes.

This popular blue brand was covered at Eurobike, but here it is again with more detail. Park Tool’s new Euro-style repair stand features articulating legs, a neat two-stage clamp with independent height and rotation adjustments, and a neat clamp that easily accommodates both quick-release and thru-axle bikes.

park tool new for 2017 cyclingtips 2

The three-position pivot on the Park Tool Euro-style repair stand works for 12, 15, and 20mm thru-axles. Quick-release dropouts fit, too, with the included insert.

park tool new for 2017 cyclingtips 3

Park Tool’s disc rotor gauge uses a sausage-shaped feeler to get around the problem of vent holes and slots in the brake track.

park tool new for 2017 cyclingtips 4

The Park Tool CM-25 chain cleaner is made of cast aluminum for the ultimate in shop-grade durability.

park tool new for 2017 cyclingtips 5

Sure, you can just buy Loctite from your local hardware store, but Park Tool’s range of threadlocks and press-fit adhesives will match the rest of the tools on your workbench.

IMG 0432 1024x683

Zevlin makes custom handlebar tapes with surprisingly low minimums: just ten sets, with modest initial setup fees, too.

IMG 0438 1024x683

Rotor is diving into the gravel market with this one-piece dual chainring for its 3D range of crankarms. The 46/30-tooth combination wouldn’t otherwise be easy to mount on a standard 110mm spider. Retail price will be US$165/€150 when it becomes available in November. Additional sizes are planned for the future, too.

IMG 0426 1024x683

Upstart helmet company Lumos showed off this fully lit helmet, complete with front and rear LED lights as well as left and right turn indicators.

IMG 0427 1024x683

Total output (including side markers) is a modest 80 lumens, so the Lumos is definitely more of a “be seen” type of product. Even so, it looks very interesting, and it’s somewhat reasonably priced at US$160-170. Claimed run time is 7 hours on flashing mode, with a magnetic charge port built into the back.

IMG 0430 1024x683

Cycloc’s new UK-made Endo wall mount hangs bikes from either wheel, with a hollow hinge big enough for a U-lock. A matching pad down below keeps the other wheel from scuffing the wall. Retail price is US$70.

IMG 0431 1024x683

Cycloc also showed off the UK-made Hero, which secures the bike against the wall via a pedal hook and dual wheel shelves. Retail price is US$70.

IMG 0418 1024x683

Orbea previewed a new gravel bike called the Terra. Further information won’t be available for a few months, but it looks to be well in keeping with the competition. Starting price will be US$3,000.

IMG 0421 1024x683

Orbea’s new Terra gravel bike will accommodate mechanical and electronic transmissions, as well as single- and dual-chainring drivetrains. An inner chain guide will bolt into the base of the seat tube, too.

IMG 0422 1024x683

Orbea is actually considering offering this paint job to the public, but it won’t be cheap. Each one is truly unique, with every strip of masking tape laid by hand in random orientations. Provided the cost is fairly reasonable, I think the take rate could be quite high.

IMG 0423 1024x683

Official tire clearance on the new Orbea Terra is pegged at 40mm.

image12 1024x683

Orbea’s flagship Orca road racer has undergone a complete overhaul for 2017, complete with a rather slick-looking disc version.

IMG 0416 1024x683

The Orbea Orca seat cluster is admirably clean, with a hidden seatpost binder and exceptionally thin and flexible seatstays.

IMG 0417 1024x683

Bolt-on 12mm thru-axles are used front and rear for a clean appearance.

IMG 0414 1024x683

Garmin’s latest firmware update for the Edge 520, 820, and 1000 computers now includes integrated controls for Bontrager wireless-enabled front and rear lights. Depending on which Edge is used, the system will even automatically control the lights based on ambient lighting conditions.

IMG 0424 1024x683

Ever wondered what those mystery buttons on top of Shimano Di2 levers did? Wonder no more, as you can use them to control a few different functions on the most recent Garmin Edge computers.

image11 1024x683

Knog absolutely smashed the funding goals for its neat Oi handlebar bell. The original target was just US$20,000, but the final total was well over US$1M.

IMG 04051 1024x683

Bont’s new Riot shoes are very reasonably priced at US$179 for the road version and US$199 for the MTB one, yet offer features similar to the company’s top-end offerings. The sole uses carbon composite instead of true carbon fiber to save costs, but is still incredibly stiff, and the entire shoe is heat moldable for a customized fit. Shoes are slated to arrive in shops around November.

IMG 04061 1024x683

Bont has introduced a new gravel-oriented version of the flagship Vaypor S. The Vaypor G uses the same sole and upper, but with a generous tread for security while on foot. Retail price is US$459.

IMG 04071 1024x683

The tread of the new Bont Vaypor G is generous, but the shoe is really only meant for occasionally ambling about. There’s essentially no flex in the sole whatsoever.

Bont certainly isn't afraid of adding some color to its footwear range.

IMG 0408 1024x683

The Bont Zero+ gets a makeover this year, with a more competition-oriented last borrowed from the Vaypor S. The cover and dimpled surface are intended to reduce aerodynamic drag. Retail price is US$439.

IMG 0412 1024x683

Underneath the Bont Zero+ cover is a single-dial Boa IP1 cable system.

IMG 0413 1024x683

Saddle company Astute has only been around for three years, but it's already built quite an extraordinarily generous range of saddles, all of which are fully made in Italy. The chief designer was supposedly a veteran of Selle Italia.

IMG 0409 1024x683

Astute offers a wide selection of shapes and sizes, including men's and women's models in both cutout and non-cutout variants for seemingly every discipline.

image1 1024x683

Astute saddles range in price from US$179 to US$499. Top-end version use carbon rails, a double carbon fiber/nylon shell, and triple-density memory foam padding.

IMG 0411 1024x683

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