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Group Riding With an E-Bike

April 19, 2018
Group Riding With an E-Bike

Sharing your riding experiences with others is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. However, anyone who has enjoyed this experience knows there is an age-old problem when trying to ride with others. A group of any size is nearly impossible to keep together. Not to mention making sure everyone involved gets an equally satisfying and challenging ride. This issue has plagued group rides since the invention of the bicycle. Luckily, there is a solution to this long-running issue: a carefully selected electric bike. An electric bike, or e-bike, has the potential to finally provide a solution to this issue. The pedal-assist motor system that the bike provides has the capability to be the great equalizer and make it possible to ride with a group of friends or family without worrying about leaving anyone behind. Whether you are on a vacation with family and want to explore the scenery together, or just want to show a friend a favorite hard-to-reach riding destination, an e-bike with pedal-assist power is the perfect tool to open up your riding world.

Ride Together

You could be enjoying anything from tropical sunshine to fresh mountain air with a group of friends, family or an organized tour. Keeping a group together on these rides is notoriously difficult. There will always be a few who ride ahead while a smattering of riders who haven’t been able to keep up with their fitness immediately fall behind. No matter where you are riding or who you are with, there is bound to be riders of varying ability levels. Introducing electric bikes into this equation has the potential to drastically improve the dynamic. With an e-bike, everyone in the group will be able to adjust their assist-levels accordingly. The fittest riders can get in their desired workout no matter how much they want to hammer, while riders looking for a more relaxed day on the road can rely on a Shimano STEPs assist system to allow them to keep up with the hammer-heads at a fraction of the exertion level. This revolutionary system will finally capture the holy grail of group riding: letting everyone ride together at an exertion level where they are comfortable.


Show Your Friends Where You Ride

You love riding your bike, you love the places it takes you, but you are finally ready for company in some of those far-reaching locations. There are so many sights and unforgettable experiences out on your rides and while it can sometimes be nice to experience these moments alone, it would be great to have the opportunity to share them with others. Unfortunately, most of these destinations are too far away and require intense training and serious fitness to access. Getting a few friends out on a pedal-assist system that an e-bike offers will lower the barrier to entry and finally let you take a friend along to show them the beautiful sights you have been forced to keep to yourself.

Get Non-Riders on The Bike

It is likely you have friends that have listened to you regale tales of your rides and have grown curious about what these rides are like. If you have a friend that is cycling-curious, getting them aboard an e-bike and taking them out to your favorite cycling destinations is the perfect way to get them over the hump and sell them on the merits of the cycling lifestyle. Once they get out and experience the sensation of the wind in their face as the scenery passes quicker than they’ve ever experienced before around them, they’ll be hooked for life.


Level The Playing Field

You used to ride all the time, but now life has gotten more complicated and you can’t quite get as much as you like. However, there is likely still a group of friends you’d love to ride with. Just because those days of riding non-stop, racking up miles and fitness are behind you, you can still get out and ride with the group like you used to if you let an e-bike be the great equalizer. Jump back in with the old crew and let your e-bike level the playing field by getting you up and over climbs and hammering on the flats with even your fittest friends without completely destroying yourself. You’ll be able to get out on the most challenging terrain without being forced to spend the rest of the day recovering on the couch.

Once you get out on a few bikes and get into the groove of riding your e-bike, you’ll find yourself jumping at every opportunity to get out and go. The newfound fitness you’ll build will have you enjoying your riding more than ever before. It provides the perfect outlet, lets you see beautiful places you while getting a great workout. However, your fitness could make it difficult for the old crew to keep up. No need to worry though, since an e-bike with a pedal-assist system will let you ride with others even if they haven’t kept up with your riding routine.

From days spent soaking in ocean views with a touring group to showing a close friend one of your premier riding spots, an e-bike will make it exponentially easier for you to ride with others, period. You may have friends or family members that are at different points along their fitness journey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a bike ride to enjoy beautiful scenery together in a gorgeous location. Let an e-bike solve the age-old problems you’ll face when this opportunity arises. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll notice an electric bike’s ability to draw you closer to old friends, facilitate the forging of new ones, and allow you to experience scenic, unforgettable places with the people you care about the most in life.

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