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Giant 2016 - First Look at Eurobike 2015

September 03, 2015
Giant 2016 - First Look at Eurobike 2015

Giant is taking big steps if Eurobike 2015 is anything to go by. The rise of the e-bike is hard not to notice; check out the Dirt-E+ 1 and tell me e-bikes aren't cool...

Propel Advanced 1

fullpage Giant Advanced 1 Propel Ltd

fullpage Giant propel 2016 bars

fullpage Goiant propel 2016

Reign 27.5 2 Ltd

fullpage reign 27.5 2 ltd bottom bracket

fullpage reign 27.5 2 ltd front shock

fullpage reign 27.5 2 ltd

TCR Advanced Pro 0

fullpage TCR advanced pro 0

Dirt-E+ 1 Ltd

fullpage Giant Dirt e  1 ltd

fullpage Giant Dirt e   1Ltd

Reign 27.5 1.5 Ltd

fullpage reign 27.5 head tube

fullpage reign 27.5 top tube

fullpage Reign 27.5 1.5 Ltd

Reign Advanced 27.5 1

fullpage reign advanced 27.5

TCR Advanced 1

fullpage Giant tcr advanced 2016 down tube

fullpage Giant TCR advanced head tube

fullpage tcr advanced 2016 bars

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