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'My Bike' with DRAPAC Pro Cycling

January 21, 2016

For the latest edition of the BikeExchange 'My Bike' series, we've taken things up a notch and gone all pro. Adam Phelan and Lachlan Norris from DRAPAC Professional Cycling take us through the team bike - the Swift Ultravox TI.

The Swift Ultravox Ti is equipped with SRAM Red groupset and Zipp wheels. Adam explains the riders' choice of Zipp wheels will largely depend on the stage profile and rider preference. Adam and Lachlan fancy themselves as mountain goats, built more for the hills, so will opt for the 202s in all but the flattest of stages.

Adam and Lachlan are similar in height and weight, but describe very different set-ups: both width and angle of the cockpit changing for each rider. Adam favours the aero approach, choosing narrower bars and a lower front end; whereas Lachlan favours 'the old man set-up' and 'the more upright, mountain bike style' position. Lachlan's wider bars are also 'better for going down to the shops and putting the groceries on.' A very functional bike indeed!

The Swift Ultravox Ti is already a very light bike, but equipped with SRAM Red groupset and lightweight Zipp 202 wheelset, it narrowly makes the UCI legal weight limit. The team use Quarq power meters to tailor their training and analysis race data.

According to Lachlan, if the Swift Ultravox Ti had a personality it would be a 'polished up, in a suit, drinking a martini' type of bike, while Adam describes it as a 'smooth player, confident... and a very cool character'.

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