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Christmas Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

April 19, 2018
Christmas Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers are notorious for loving gear and gadgets that complement their dirt-loving ways. Never-short of necessity, these gifts are practical, fun and won’t break the bank. What’s more, we have selected items that no mountain biker will ever have ‘too much’ of, so no need to try and scope out their already extensive equipment list!

So if you’re after a Christmas gift for that trail loving mountain biker in your life, the list below is a great place to start.

Top-Cap Computer Mount


Small yet not understated, a cycling computer opens up a world of ride statistics and vetting against riders their own personal bests. Pairing a computer with an elegant mounting solution such as the K-Edge Top Cap is a fantastic way to secure and view a cycling computer.

The CNC machined mount will accept all models of Garmin and is fitted in place of a top cap. Typically on mountain bikes, there is seldom enough stem length to fit a cycling computer, the Gravity Cap, however, is mounted on the stem cap, making it ideal for Downhill and Enduro riders, or any mountain bikers that prefer a super short stem.

It easily and cleanly places a Garmin computer atop the stem cap for a clear view, no matter how short or steep the stem angle. Weighing in at just 18 grams, this is a neat and subtle addition to any set-up and removes the complexities of awkwardly trying to place a computer on the bars or elsewhere it doesn't fit.



Mountain bikers would be lying if they said they had never ended up with just one glove and no clue where the other had escaped to. Much like odd socks, just about any riders can relate to the odd-glove scenario occurring all too often.

Top up their kit drawer with a pair of riding gloves, such as the Fox Digit, which although designed as a mountain bike glove, makes for a great all-rounder thanks to the thin, breathable feel and overall hand protection. With a clarino palm and thumb guard, padded knuckles, a velcro wrist tab, and embossed silicone fingertips the Digit glove will be a nice addition to just about any cycling wardrobe.

Bike Pump


Tubeless tire set-ups are just about the norm in mountain biking these days, allowing riders to run lower pressures, reduce weight and prevent pinch flats. Setting up a tubeless tire can prove to be a bit of a challenge without the right tools for the job. Tubeless floor pumps allow the user to pump air into a chamber or ‘tank’ and release it quickly into the tire, causing the tire to seal evenly and rapidly.

Complete a riders' DIY toolkit with the Azur Air Tank Tubeless Floor Pump. Constructed from aluminium, the Air Tank fits both Presta and Schrader valves, has a large easy to read gauge and a durable steel handle. Tubeless pumps such as this remove the need for a loud air compressor and have a rightful place in any home workshop!

Hydration Pack


A hydration pack is essentially a backpack that is light, compact and resistant to the elements...but has the added benefit of also carrying water! A well-used item among many outdoor enthusiasts, mountain bikers will appreciate a fresh hydration back that can carry ride essentials such as tubes, tools, and snacks, as well as ferry an adequate amount of hydration for a day out on the trails.

Evoc are hydration pack specialists and offer a huge range of packs featuring different carrying capacities, color combinations, and bladder sizes. The CC 6L sits snug against the riders back thanks to two clip points around the hips and chest and features a clip for the bladder hose making sipping mid run easily accessible whilst still ensuring it never gets in the way. The CC6L boasts a 2L bladder but has the capacity to accommodate a larger 3L bladder if need be, such as for long trips or thirstier riders. Weighing in at just 500g and loaded with pockets to fit small necessities, we think the CC 6L is the perfect balance between function and comfort.



Ever useful, and an essential item for any cycling enthusiast, Multi-tools contain endless combinations of common tools for a fix on the go. Having a strong, reliable and compact multi-tool will see a gift like this last well beyond unwrapping day.

Lezyne CRV tools are functional, lightweight, and durable tools ideal for trailside use. The forged aluminum side plates are lightweight and easy to use while wearing gloves. The chrome vanadium bits and fastening hardware are nickel plated for extra strength while forged Center-Pivot bits increase tool rigidity and improve ergonomics. A cast steel chain breaker works with 9/10/11 speed chains and has three integrated spoke wrenches.

SPD Trail Shoes


An item that gets so familiar on the foot of the rider, replacing shoes probably doesn’t happen as often as it should. Trail mountain bike shoes toe the line between comfort, stiffness, and casual-coolness that any mountain biker will be pleased to see these in the lineup.

Shimano has every base covered with its cycling shoe offerings, and with the AM-9, have produced a shoe that echoes a flat skate shoe but with a recessed cutout for SPD cleats. Constructed using lightweight EVA foam and featuring an armoured lace shield that protects the foot from loose rocks and debris. These gravity shoes also have an aggressive tread pattern at the toe and heel to provide excellent traction for those foot-out flat-out moments.

Protective Eyewear


Almost as much of a necessity as a helmet is a decent set of cycling eyewear. A decent set of shades on the trail prevents dirt, dust, and debris infiltrating your retinas. Something that fits well with a helmet and a lens tint that will account for the varying light patterns you get traversing in and out of the bush is ideal. Perhaps on the upper end of the gift-spectrum, consider a quality pair of sunglasses as a required piece of protective equipment, along with knee pads and helmets.

The Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Trail ticks all the above boxes, a wide lens for maximum visibility, the Jawbreaker features Oakley's Signature Prizm Lens technology, the Prizm Trail lens enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot sand, rocks, roots and subtle transitions in dirt conditions. Additionally, Oakley eyewear features unrivaled impact technology, meaning an assault by rogue sticks and rocks present less of a risk!

Mountain Bike shorts with Liner


Unlike their road-going cousins, MTB shorts are more of a casual affair, a little baggier whilst still retaining that all important flexibility and breathability needed out on the trail. Whilst unassuming to look at, there is more than meets the eye. MTB shorts are not simply a repurposed board-short but are often reinforced around the chamois, are made of a tougher material to prevent ripping should you come off, as well as being stretchy so you can move around the bike.

Fox Ranger Shorts are built for any type of ride on any type of trail; with a multitude of secure pockets, color and print combos, they cover nearly every type of rider on the trail today. They feature excellent value, a subtle design, an interior adjustable waistband and a detachable chamois liner for longer rides. So if you or your giftee are after a low-key, yet high tech kit update, this one item that's sure to impress.

Knee Pads


If there is one thing that mountain bikers do regularly, it’s crash. Part and parcel of our beloved sport, applying some damage control with some knee protection means the fun can continue on the trail. Out on the singletrack these days, body armor and knee pads are more commonly seen on all types of riders and are available in comfortable, minimal ergonomic designs ensuring pedaling is still a breeze.

The lightweight POC Joint VPD Air Knee is a light-duty knee pad developed for mountain bikers who want enhanced flexibility, ventilation, and freedom of movement. The elastic strap and neoprene anti-slip ensure a comfortable fit, even in rough riding conditions. Save the gift of first aid supplies by getting ahead of the game with some knee pads!

Complete Bike Cleaning Kit


Upon return from a muddy or dusty day out on trails, a quick hose off is often as far as many will go with cleaning the steed before kicking back with an "I’ll do it later attitude". However, having all the tools to do the job thoroughly might inspire a more immediate action! Cleaning kits will include the right chemicals for a bicycle that won’t damage your parts, specially shaped brushes for the cassette among other things to ensure a shiny, smooth running bike.

The Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit includes Nano Tech Bike Cleaner liquid, Expanding Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Claw Brush, Two Prong Brush, Bike Spray and Storage Tub this kit has pretty much everything you need to keep your bike looking nice and tidy. It makes a great Christmas gift for your bicycle obsessed friends and family.

We hope this guide provides you with all the inspiration you need to find that mountain biker in your life something special this holiday season. If the items on this list didn’t quite hit the mark, check out the full range of cycling products on offer from leading retailers and private sellers across the country right here, at BikeExchange

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