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Christmas Gift Guide for DIY Cyclists and Home Mechanics

April 19, 2018
Christmas Gift Guide for DIY Cyclists and Home Mechanics

Is the cyclist in question one who loves to tinker, always has a project on the go or is simply a meticulous bike owner who will clean, service and maintain their own bike? If the answer is yes, then they will always appreciate a top up of fresh product or new tools for the home workshop.

Alternatively, encourage a notoriously neglectful rider to clean up their act and look after their bike better by inspiring them with some of the best home-bike maintenance around.

We list our picks of the tools and products that we think make perfect gifts for any rider wanting to keep their workshop fresh.

Bike Stand


What is a workshop without a stand for the bike to be worked on? A good workstand should be sturdy, adjustable and have a clamp that won’t damage frames. Courtesy of renowned tool manufacturer Park Tool, the PCS-4 ticks all those boxes and more!

Featuring a heavy-duty folding stand with your choice of shop quality clamps. Perfect for heavier duty home use or portable shop use, the PCS-4 has rock solid stability thanks to a four-point leg system that folds together for storage, steel powder coated tubing, and a composite horizontal tube.

Tubeless Floor Pump


If one thing is certain, it is that tires need air. One-up the traditional track pump with a tubeless pump. A tubeless pump features an air chamber that can be preloaded with air, ensuring a tubeless tire can be seated and inflated quicker and more efficiently than a standard track pump.

Topeak pumps are a common sight in any reputable workshop, and the JoeBlow Booster Pump is the perfect addition to the home bike shed. The pump features an integrated aluminum air chamber that stores an air charge of one liter up to 160psi. Once the tire is mounted, you can turn the selector from “CHARGE” to “INFLATE” mode to pump air directly into your tire and fine-tune pressure as with a standard pump.

Three-way Allen Key


Having a trustworthy hex tool in your back pocket is vital for any DIY home mechanic. Park Tool introduced the bicycle world to the 3-way hex wrench set over 30 years ago, and to this day they continue to be industry leaders!

The Park Tool AWS-8 three-way wrench fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and provides excellent leverage, making it a favorite among countless shop mechanics worldwide. Anyone into any sort of bike will appreciate and find a use for this handy little tool.

Chain Lubricant


There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of chain lubes on the market to suit different applications and conditions and can include everything from solvent-based cleaners to waxes. As a consumable item, one can never have too much, and an ‘all-rounder’ lubricant is always good to have on hand.

Australian owned and made, Ride Mechanic Bike Milk is an advanced formulation that ensures drivetrains are kept both clean and quiet, regardless of the weather conditions.
Bike Milk features penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime build up and assist lube flow throughout moving chain parts. The dry film coating means no wet residue buildup which can rub off to leave dark "grease" stains. Its consistency also employs a reservoir effect to deliver lube into to moving parts while the bike is moving.

Metric Allen Key set


A workshop won’t be much use without a staple set of Allen Keys. Often overlooked and undervalued, spoil the cyclist in your with a set of Silca allen keys.

Often referred to as the Ferrari of the tool world, Silca is a brand fanatical about the quality of its products. This allen key set is no exception, forged from S2 Steel, the keys are coated with a thin-dense chrome, providing a hardy and durable finish. Each key is finished with a high-grip textured silica red polymer for maximum grip and control.

This limited edition anniversary run makes an extra special gift, as the box is crafted from heartwood of the American Walnut tree. The heartwood of these trees can range from a lighter pale brown to a chocolate brown with dark streaks making each box different from the next. So for a truly unique gift, these wrenches are definitely worth considering.

Cable Cutters


Discard the blunt, rusty cable cutters and show shifting some respect. Always required but often the one thing that goes missing when its needed most, a fresh set of sharp cable cutters for both shift and brake cables, as well as cable housings makes for a great gift for any the home based tinkerer.

PRO Bike Gear, proprietary tool and component company for industry leaders Shimano, produce some of the best value cable cutters in the business, sure cut whatever cables you need to be trimmed cleanly with absolute precision. They are heavy duty, durable, have a comfortable grip and include a pin to round up the cable housing.

Cleaning/ Maintenance Kit


Having chemicals formulated specifically for bikes ensures that parts are not corroded or damaged, and are proven to leave the drivetrain cleaner, for longer. So why not top up the workshop with a fresh bar of cleaning products sure to get even the grimiest of rides squeaky clean.

Our pick for value is the 11 piece Morgan Blue Standard Maintenance Kit. The kit itself includes everything you need for complete washing, drivetrain cleaning, and post-wash lubrication. One gift to rule them all, this kit includes chain cleaner, bike wash, race oil, and an array of brushes to get into the most finicky of spots on your precious ride. What’s more, it all comes neatly packed in a wash bucket!

Chainwhip and Cassette Tool


A chainwhip/cassette tool combination is something that needs a place in every riders toolbox. Forgo the fidgety cassette tool of old and opt for one that already has a handle attached, like the PRO Cassette remover with matching chainwhip.

The PRO Bike Gear cassette tool includes and integrated pin for stability, and the dual compound handles feature extra grip, perfect for loosening stubborn lock nuts. The matching chainwhip ensures the cassette remains in place while you’re wrenching, ensuring skin remains on knuckles and tempers are kept calm. So if you or your giftee are constantly alternating between wheels, or just want to build up your home mechanic skills, this essential item is sure to be a great addition to any toolkit.

Torque Wrench


A must-have for any home wrench wanting to preserve the structural integrity of their prized possession and its components, a torque wrench works by ensures that bolts aren’t too tight, or too loose but are just right.

Designed for the precise torquing of bolts, preventing both alloy and carbon fiber component damage, the Giant Torque Wrench is an excellent value for money bit of kit. The kit features a 1/4" drive torque wrench with a Chromoly ratchet head, chrome plated chrome vanadium Hex & Torx bits (Hex: 2,2.5,3,4,5,6mm Torx: T10,T25,T30) and a 100mm extension bar for those hard to reach places. Contained in a neat little box, this gift will look inconspicuous under the tree and is sure to throw a spanner into the works for those that like to play the ‘Shake and Guess’ game.



Any self-respecting home bike maintenance enthusiast should know all too well the importance of keeping moving parts well lubricated with grease. A grease syringe directs the grease through a fine nozzle to ensure control of flow and precision in application.

Another consumable item, this makes a great gift because every bike needs it but not every bike gets it enough. Slick Honey is considered the bee's knees of grease among shop mechanics, thanks to its delectably smooth consistency and long-lasting effect on delicate parts such as shocks, bushings, cables and bearing sets.

We hope this gift guide has been helpful in steering you in the right direction when it comes to all things DIY maintenance. Want even more choice? Check out the wide range of bike tools for sale on BikeExchange available from leading retailers across the country

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