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BikeExchange Party on Willunga Hill

January 25, 2016

The BikeExchange Stage 5 of the Santos Tour Down Under is the one everyone looked forward to - the riders, the commentators, the spectators, absolutely everyone! To celebrate, we had a party on the hill - huge marquees, party music, live coverage of the stage, Red Berry Espresso coffee, giveaways galore and the best atmosphere on Willunga Hill... a well as a few thousand friends to share the whole experience with.

In case you missed it, here's a taste of all the action.

fullpage Red Berry

fullpage BC coffee

fullpage marquee

fullpage CT car

fullpage BE Van

fullpage drew

fullpage BT BE

fullpage Deck chair

fullpage kit

fullpage Rach Neylan and BE

fullpage Susie ONeil

fullpage Fondo

fullpage watching TV

fullpage at the end

fullpage tshirt

fullpage aerial 1

fullpage aerial

fullpage aerial 3

fullpage aerial 2

fullpage Gerro 1

fullpage Gerro 2

fullpage TDU Stage 5 podium  1

Photo credit: Santos Tour Down Under / Regallo

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