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Argon 18 at the Tour de France

July 08, 2015
Argon 18 at the Tour de France

Teams riding Argon 18

BORA-Argon 18


The Argon 18 Nitrogen will carry the Bora-Argon18 team through flat stages with its stiff and aero characteristics. The oversized bottom bracket on the Nitrogen sits low and results in a lower center of gravity for riders, improving the bike’s handling at high speeds and increasing lateral rigidity. The massive asymmetrical chainstays also help make for a powerful ride. As with most other aero offerings the brakes are hidden and the cables integrated into the frame, the bladed seat post also maximizing efficiency. They have even gone to the extent of creating an aero cap in case spacers are required (great attention to detail).

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Gallium Pro

The Argon18 Gallium Pro, with its 790gram frame weight, is the tea’s climbing bike. The frame’s geometry is similar to the aero Nitrogen, retaining the lateral stiffness and low centre of gravity, ensuring that once riders have conquered the mountains they can hammer the descents.

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E-118 Next

The Argon18 E-118 Next has had a facelift, becoming lighter and more aero with additional features to make it as stiff as possible. Sheltered brakes and tubing profile help optimize air flow and the new link system on the front end makes the cockpit stiffer and more responsive. Improvements of between 5% and 20% have been achieved with the new model, which should make the team very happy.

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Thanks Graham Watson for the great photos.

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