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Norco Sight VLT e-MTB – Eight Things to Know

December 06, 2018
Norco Sight VLT e-MTB – Eight Things to Know

Norco has been producing some of the industry’s most exciting mountain bikes since the early days of off-roading. For 2019, the Canadian company is set to embrace the future of mountain bike riding, pulling the covers off the all-new Sight VLT electric mountain bike range.

Outfitted with powerful drive systems, enough battery capacity to power you through many wrong turns and an impressive build kit, join us as we take a look at eight things to know about the all-new Sight VLT e-MTB.

1.Power Up, Charge Down


When Norco set about designing the Sight VLT, the Canadian company had one goal in mind – “it must ride like a regular Sight”. To achieve this, the geometry, kinematics and handling characteristics have all largely been carried over from current and future Sight all-mountain models. With these characteristics and the addition of the e-MTB drive unit, Norco says the Sight VLT is the definition of a “do it all” bike.

2.Optimised Suspension

As is the case with the majority of 2019 Norco models, the Sight VLT is outfitted with a modern all-mountain suspension package that sees 150mm of frame travel and 160mm at the fork. Both the fork and shock have custom tuned rebound and damping settings designed to make the assisted VLT feel and ride the same as the Sight.

3. Proven Geometry


Looking to the frame figures and the Sight VLT differs slightly from its traditionally powered counterpart. A 75º seat tube angle comes in at 1º steeper, allowing riders to maintain a balanced and aggressive riding position. About 20mm has been added to the front-centre length across the full-size range, with a 50mm stem accompanying the change, too. Finally, bottom bracket height has also been lowered, helping keep the weight of the drive system low and therefore increasing stability on fast and flowing descents.

4. Robust Drive System Options

A brand synonymous with precision and quality, Shimano provides it’s e-MTB specific STEPS E8000 drive unit to the top-tier VLT Sights. Weighing in at 2.8kg, and providing up to 70Nm of torque, the 250-watt motor is fast becoming a favourite amongst e-MTB manufacturers as a result of the lightweight performance on offer.

5. Huge Battery Capacity


Norco has opted to outfit the models destined for local shores with an integrated battery system boasting a whopping capacity of 630Wh.

The battery unit developed by Simplon, is considerably larger than rival e-MTB’s on the market, and whilst no official range figures are quoted, it’s sure to bring more smiles, for more miles.

6. Business Up Front, Party Out Back

All Sight VLT models make use of a carbon fibre front triangle and a robust aluminium swingarm out back. The use of carbon fibre for the front triangle help bring the total bike weight down to a claimed 21.5kgs, undercutting much of its e-MTB competition by around a kilogram.

7. Boosted Tyre Clearance


A common theme with modern e-MTB’s, the Sight VLT is outfitted with Boost spacing front and rear and can swallow tyres up to a gargantuan 2.8” wide front and rear. The Sight VLT is 27.5” specific and rolls off the showroom floor with 2.6” wide tubeless Maxxis rubber.

8. Pricing and Availability


The Norco Sight VLT is set to start shipping globally by the end of November, with models set to hit local shores in the coming weeks.