Scott Road Bikes


Scott’s Range of Road Bikes

Scott has generally been associated with offering fast aggressive racing bikes for the road with models such as the Foil, Addict and Plasma. Additionally, Scott offer bikes for a greater degree of road riding, with bikes encompassing design features that offer comfort, stability and great handling. Below is a breakdown of the key models in Scott’s 2017 road range.


The Foil is Scott’s most aggressive racing road bike and is built with aerodynamics in mind. Introduced in 2016, the latest Scott is certainly a head turner boasting a 70-gram weight reduction, 13% and 13.5% increased stiffness from the bottom bracket and headset respectively and a 27.2 second saving over a 40km time trial at 45km/hr when compared to the popular and proven Foil of past.


Another racing machine is the Addict, a more traditional road bike built for the climbers with its low weight, high stiffness and ride comfort. The top of the line Addict frame weighs in at less than 800g. New for 2017 is the disc-equipped Addict which sits alongside the standard rim-brake options.


The Scott Solace was built to tackle rough roads, Gran Fondo’s and typical long days in the saddle. It’s design comprises of two zones, a power zone and a comfort zone, which means the solace doesn’t need sacrifice stiffness for comfort. The Solace range is also available with disc brakes for extra stopping confidence.


The CR1 is Scott’s entry-level carbon frame, providing great performance and comfort for a more affordable price. The CR1 is a perfect choice for someone just starting road cycling to get fit and enjoy riding.


The Speedster sits as Scott’s introductory road range into cycling. All Speedster’s feature high-quality aluminium frames. The Speedster also comes in a flat bar version for those seeking a more upright riding position than what a traditional road bike offers.


The Scott Contessa is a range of bikes tailored to the riding needs of women. They include the Contessa Solace and Contessa Speedster, which are redesigned to provide an improved riding experience and comfort for women.

Road Cycling Sponsorship

Scott’s road range has benefited massively from the sponsorship of IAM Pro Cycling and also Australia’s World Tour team Orica-BikeExchange, having been involved as a sponsor prior to the team’s inception in 2012. A near 5-year partnership has resulted in contributions and innovations towards product design.