Cannondale Road Bikes


Cannondale Road Bikes

Cannondale road bikes are extremely reliable and can accommodate just about any rider. Well represented at the World Tour level by the likes of Liquigas-Cannondale and Cannondale-Drapac over the past few seasons, it’s no coincidence that these light and efficient race-engineered bikes have been ridden to Grand Tour and other successes in recent years.


Elite Road

Specifically designed with performance in mind, this range features the ‘CAAD8’, ‘CAAD12’ and the extremely popular ‘SuperSix Evo’.

  • CAAD - Initially specialising in robust aluminium frames, Cannondale created the ‘CAAD’ concept, which stands for ‘Cannondale Advance Aluminium design’. This generation of aluminium frames are incredibly light, stiff and smooth, and offer one of the best carbon alternatives on the market. The CAAD8 range primarily offers a high-value for money setup, typically equipped with your entry-level groupset option. The CAAD12 is considered the next step up, with a lighter and stiffer frame that is usually accompanied by a higher-end groupset option.

  • SuperSix Evo – Cannondale’s flagship carbon road bike offers one of most complete balanced, lightweight road performance bikes available on the market. As the preferred choice of it’s World Tour teams, the SuperSix Evo is ultralight, extremely stiff and super smooth – definitely worth the investment!

Elite Endurance

Where race-level performance meets all-day comfort, Cannondale’s elite endurance range is perfect for long days in the saddle.

  • Synapse – This endurance-orientated range provides the perfect complement to the lightweight SuperSix Evo, and is the preferred alternative for World Tour riders during the classics and long rides. Integrating a wider bottom bracket to optimise both comfort and stability, the Synapse is available in both alloy and carbon frame options, making it perfect for any endurance road rider.

New Road

Cannondale’s most recent innovation, the ‘new road’ concept, challenges the typical road bike conventions through designing a bike that can be ridden just about anywhere. The ‘new’ road is conceptually any road you choose to take – tarmac, gravel or dirt – you decide!

  • Slate – In order to accommodate the new road focus, the Slate has a number of standout features. Most notably, Cannondale brings back its ‘Lefty’ setup, a left hand only fork system that is argued to be both stiffer and lighter than a standard fork design. Additionally, the Slate is equipped with smaller 650b sized wheels to allow for wider tyres and also utilises a disc brake setup.