Cannondale Kids Bikes


Cannondale Kids Bikes

In the era of social networks and video games, riding a bike is a great way to help youngsters get outside, stay active and learn their way around. Browse BikeExchange to discover Cannondale kids bikes for boys and girls. These great-looking youth-oriented models are ready to join mom and dad on the road or trails, and they are available for order or pick-up at your local retailer at great low prices.

Kids grow fast, and that’s why Cannondale’s kids bikes are available in a multitude of sizes with both 20” and 24” wheels. There are also multiple transmission options available. You can start junior off on a single-speed that will stand up to backpedaling and minor abuse, and then transition to a geared setup when riders are ready. Even though these bikes are small, they still use the high-quality components you’d expect to find on a Cannondale product such as Shimano drivetrain components and Alex rims.

Cannondale Kids Bikes Grow With Them

As adults, we have the luxury of choosing a quality bike and using it for as long as it can be properly maintained. Fast-growing children don’t have this advantage. This is why it’s so important to get the most value out of the bike your child is riding. Cannondale kids bikes do an excellent job of this thanks to a progressive model line that picks up where the ever-popular strider models leave off. It introduces upgrades on larger models akin to those you’ll find on adult-sized bikes. On BikeExchange, you can find the following Cannondale kids bikes:

  • Cannondale Street: The Cannondale Street boys and Cannondale Street girls models are made of the same 6061 aluminum alloy you’ll find in adult models. Available with 16” 20” or 24” rims, these bikes are available as single-speeds for bulletproof reliability or with Shimano 6-speed transmission just like mom and dad use. 16” models are available with removable training wheels.
  • Cannondale Trail: Throw some aggressive mountain-bike style geometry and a suspension fork into the mix, and you’re looking at the Cannondale Trail boys and Cannondale Trail girls models. Great-looking graphics on these bikes inspire young riders to get out and explore. Just like their road-going cousins, these bikes are available in multiple wheel sizes and drivetrain configurations.
  • Cannondale Race: An alternative to the Trail and Street frames, the Cannondale Race boys and Cannondale Race girls feature fresh graphics and cross-country-racer-inspired geometry. It’s a great hybrid selection for young riders who need a machine that’s as capable on tarmac as it is in the dirt.

Outfit the young rider in your life with one of these excellent Cannondale Kids bikes today. Just remember that helmets are a must any time a child rides!