Cannondale Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


The Cannondale Full-suspension Mountain Bike

Cannondale is no stranger to the full-suspension mountain bike scene. In fact, the 2015 Pan-American Mountain bike championships were won aboard a Cannondale Mountain bike piloted by Cannondale factory team rider Henrique Avancini.

The same technologies that make bikes such as the Cannondale Rush mountain bike and the Cannondale Scalpel race winners make them fast and fun to ride on your local trails. Because they’re available in a variety of different trim levels, they’re accessible even for those just starting out.

The Cannondale name has long held an association with innovation in the mountain biking world because of their willingness to try new things. Features on this bike include:

  • Lefty front suspension system — A great example of this is the Cannondale Lefty front suspension system, which saves weight and delivers an extra low-profile by using a unique single-stanchion design. It’s a technology that Cannondale have been perfecting for years, and on the Scalpel and Scalpel 29er, it takes the shape of the 100mm-travel XLR. In this case, it uses composite construction similar to that of the Scalpel’s BallisTec composite frame to deliver unmatched stiffness with no weight penalty.
  • ENVE Carbon Fiber wheel set — High-end versions of the Scalpel and Scalpel 29er feature the perfect complement to this high-tech front end. An ENVE Carbon Fiber wheel set will tackle the steepest steeps and roughest trails delivering superior compliance and tactile feedback.

Cannondale Scalpel and Rush Models

The fun doesn’t stop there for the Scalpel or its cousin the Cannondale Rush. For instance, 29-inch wheeled versions of both bikes feature aggressive 29er race geometry, only found on Cannondale mountain bikes. That means these aren’t your grandpa’s 29ers — yes, they can climb well, but point these bikes downhill, and you might be surprised at their acceleration and cornering prowess.

The Rush adds to this with expertly tuned staged travel. That means it uses its 100mm of squish progressively. The suspension is compliant to soak up smaller bumps early in the travel and becomes stiffer as more suspension is used to allow for bigger hits.

The Cannondale Rush 2

Not everyone needs or wants a Carbon bike, and for that Cannondale offers SmartAlloy optimized versions of their mountain bikes that make the same race-winning geometry found on team bikes available at a more attainable price point. The Cannondale Rush 2, for example, features double-pass welds that eliminate weak points and stress-risers, which can lead to degradation over years of hard use.

You’ll find these two exceptional Cannondale mountain bikes as well as a variety of other models from Cannondale available for great prices at BikeExchange. While more seasoned riders and competitive types will feel most at home aboard the Scalpel and Scalpel 29er, the Cannondale Rush is an excellent selection for those seeking a reliable and capable XC machine at a price that won’t break the bank.