Specialized Fat Bikes


Get Huge With the Specialized Fatboy Bike

You may have noticed that “Fat” bikes are making a comeback these days. Named for their oversized tires, this isn’t the first time these Tonka-truck two-wheelers have made an appearance on the mountain bike scene. In fact, Fat bikes were some of the very first mountain bikes to see wide use, and quite a few of them wore the Specialized S on their head tube.

While it’s undeniable that the modern Specialized Fatboy line springs from the same gene pool as these earlier fat-tire bikes, this new Fatboy represents a big step forward with a host of new technologies that make it supremely capable in nearly any type of terrain.

Specialized Fatboy: Stronger and Better

How is this new Specialized Fatboy different? First, it’s stronger and much lighter than its ancestors thanks to a fully butted M4 aluminum alloy frame. The Fatboy’s geometry is based on that of a 29-inch hardtail trail bike, so it feels confident in the corners and capable when rolling over obstacles. Of course, the bike’s calling card is its signature 4.6-inch tires. Based on a design borrowed from other Specialized trail tires, you’ll find the same technologies used by skinnier Specialized rolling stock such as an Aramid bead and 120TPI-durometer rubber.

The larger footprint that the “Fatty” enjoys due to its special tires allows it to roll quickly on snow and loose terrain, making it a four-season-capable bike. Because riding in snow requires the use of thicker gloves that can negatively affect rider dexterity, the Fatboy uses a handlebar mounted grip shifter to fire off quick changes through its 2x10 transmission.

Rather than using a conventional coil- or air-spring suspension, which can be difficult to tune for extremely soft terrain such as snow and sand, the Fatboy features a solid front fork that will track true. Upgraded models receive a carbon fiber unit for improved compliance and reduced weight.

The Specialized Fatboy Comes in Different Trim Levels

The Fatboy line includes a number of different trim levels, which means that even riders who are “watching their financial figure” can indulge just a little bit. The different trim levels offered are:

  • Specialized Fatboy Se: This is the entry-level Fatboy, but it’s anything but light on features. You get the M4 alloy frame, custom Specialized 100mm crank arms, disc brakes and a trusty SRAM X-5 drivetrain.
  • Specialized Fatboy: For just a few dollars more than the Fatboy SE, you get a carbon fiber front fork with five inches of ground clearance, an efficient SRAM X-7 2x10 drivetrain and upgraded hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro.
  • Specialized Fatboy Expert: The FB expert delivers big-wheeled fun with the components expert riders need to tackle technical terrain. A lightweight and quick SRAM X0 drivetrain combines with Shimano Deore hydraulic stoppers and a custom e13 crank set to raise this Fatboy’s game to the next level.
  • Specialized Fatboy SL: A Fatboy on a serious diet. Carbon wheels by HED and a carbon fiber crank set from Race Face make this the skinniest Fatboy of them all.

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