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Linus Bikes does things a little differently from other bike brands in the industry. Most of them pursue cutting edge technical innovation to make their bikes travel faster, go farther, jump higher, and do things that only wild minds once thought possible. Linus Bikes is unique because it doesn’t follow the pack in this way. Instead, it focuses on living and on form.

It is a company that makes retro-style bikes. The designs would not look out of place on the cobblestone streets of 1950s Paris. That was an era when the bike was at least as common as the car. Bikes were essential for commerce, communication, family, work and friendship.

Linus Bikes wants to bring back those bike ideals to the modern era by producing bikes that people want to ride. That doesn’t mean a once a week cycle on a Sunday morning. Instead, it means cycling everywhere because it is simply a better way to travel.

While the style comes right out of the 1950s, the bikes and the components used to make them are top quality and very modern. Linus Bikes’ bicycles are therefore reliable, strong, and durable, so your bike will be your companion for many years to come.

The company is based in California, and as it is a lifestyle brand as much as it is a bike brand, it offers an extensive range of accessories. These allow you to personalize your Linus Bikes bike and add to its practicality and functionality.

One thing is for certain though: You will love riding it.

Linus Bike Range

As already mentioned, Linus Bikes are built in a 1950s and 1960s style. There is an aesthetic reason for this as they look beautiful—much more beautiful, in fact, than many of the strangely shaped modern machines. The style is not just about appearance, however, as comfort is important too.

It is almost a rule in cycling that the faster the bike, the more uncomfortable it is to ride. In some respects, this is understandable, but who wants to be uncomfortable on a quick jaunt to the shop to pick up some milk?

So comfort is what you buy when you get a Linus Bikes bike. This means you should expect cushy seats that put you in a very comfortable riding position. Also expect leather grips, low step through designs, and more.

Options include single speed models and bikes with up to eight gears. A range of different colors is available.

The accessories range is extensive too, with loads of different products to make your Linus bike more adaptable to the way you live and ride. Examples include a vast range of saddle bags as well as racks, headlamps, and more. You can also get Linus Bikes clothing.