Kona Bikes


Kona Bikes History

The range of bikes available with the Kona brand name is extensive with many different styles available. However it is a brand that has a long history in the world of mountain bikes. It started off making mountain bikes, it has led the way in mountain bike design and innovation, and it has supported the sport of mountain bike down through the years. You can get road bikes, commuter bikes and other bike styles, but Kona is a mountain bike brand.

The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Washington in the US. Its bikes are sold throughout America plus it has extensive distribution networks in Canada and Europe.

Kona is an unusual company in the cycling industry in that it is still owned by the original founders. Most other bike brands have amalgamated, or been bought or sold as the industry has consolidated, but Kona remains an independent producer that is run by people who love bikes, and want to make the best possible machines for their customers.

The range of bikes is diverse with frames made from a variety of different materials - steel, carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum. You can also buy Kona parts, plus there is an extensive range of branded accessories and clothing. The company remains heavily involved in cycling, particularly mountain bike disciplines. They support the sport from the grassroots right up to running their own teams and helping the careers of some of the most talented mountain bike riders in the world. It is based in Washington in the US and sells its bikes around the world, particularly in the US, Canada and Europe.

Range Of Kona Bikes

Kona producers a wide range of bike models with differing price points and specifications, so there is something for everyone. This includes the professional rider who needs a high performance machine, to a weekend enthusiast who likes hitting the trails with friends a few times a month. The range is split into two broad categories:

Kona Mountain Bikes

  • this is the biggest section, and is the style of bike that Kona is most well-known for. These bikes are built for a number of different purposes including XC, Trail, Enduro , Gravity, Crosstrail, and Cyclocross. There are also recreational models including Fat Bike, Cruiser, Kids, and Commuter options. Wheel sizes range from 20 inch for the kids' models up to 29 inch. There is also a range of different suspension configurations.

Kona Road Bikes

  • Kona's road bikes come in 29 inch and 24 inch variations. The models include Crosstrail, Kids, Commuter, and Touring, as well as competition standard bikes - Race, Endurance, and Cyclocross.

Kona also manufactures a range of parts and accessories including clothing, general items, and bike components.

Kona Sponsorship

Kona is involved in cycling from a grassroots level up to some of the most well-known and successful names in the sport. The focus is on mountain bike riding, and it starts with the Kona Super Grassroots initiative. This supports up and coming young riders in a number of disciplines including downhill, enduro, freestyle, XC, and cyclocross.

Kona also has teams of riders that it supports at the top end of the sport. This includes Team Endurance for cyclocross, cross country, and enduro riders. It also includes Team Gravity for the professional downhill riders.

Kona Bikes for Sale

At BikeExchange, we bring the marketplace to your computer or mobile device. We offer a wide assortment of Kona Mountain and Road bikes for sale by independent bike shops and private sellers from all over the United States. Depending on the retailer and the product, you can make a purchase in one of several easy and convenient ways:

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