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Although KHS Bikes is now focused exclusively on manufacturing bikes, it was not always that way. In its first years, it made a number of other products as well, including motorbikes and unusually, musical instruments. The success of the bike range led it to devote all its efforts to developing and expanding that part of the business.

Today its range is one of the most extensive of all bike manufacturers. KHS Bikes models are sold in over 30 countries, including the U.S. It is known for supplying well specified and put together bikes at affordable prices. This is what makes it such an appealing brand—you get a lot of bike for your money when you buy a KHS bike.

It is also involved at the higher end of the bike market, manufacturing highly specified and technical bikes for competitive racing and serious riders. This has brought the company many design awards, including being named bike of the year in a number of leading mountain bike publications.

You can find a wide range of KHS bikes right here on BikeExchange, offered for sale from a variety of different sellers. One style you won’t find, however, is a KHS Bikes’ branded BMX. This is because the company has two sub-brands: Free Agent BMX for its BMX range of bikes and Manhattan Cruisers, its niche cruiser brand.

KHS Bike Range

The range of options from KHS Bikes is extensive. You will find a model whatever your budget, riding ambitions, or abilities.

If you are looking for a road bike, you can get a classic drop handlebar, lightweight style. The bikes in this section are split into categories by KHS Bikes, depending on the level and type of performance you need. They include the high-spec Performance range as well as a number of specialty options, such as triathlon and TT bikes.

You will also find a great range if you are looking for something more comfortable and safe to ride as a commuter bike or something to keep fit on. These bikes often offer excellent value for the money while still coming equipped with the latest technical features and good quality components.

If you want to head off road, you have a number of options too. The first option is KHS Bikes’ extensive range of mountain bikes. They include budget options plus bikes for certain types of mountain bike riding, including racing, downhill, and trail. A number of fat bike models are also available, offering a slightly different off-road experience.

Finally, the KHS Bikes range includes a number of specialty options. This part of its range is the best demonstration of its efforts to offer the widest possible selection of bikes, such as trikes, folding bikes, and tandem bikes.

KHS Bikes Sponsorship

KHS Bikes is involved in cycling through a number of initiatives, including the RACER grass roots program.