GT Bikes


About GT Bikes

From the day it started, GT Bikes has been about making bikes that go faster. On its website it says the story of the company to date has been about "speed, speed, and even more speed". It all started with BMX bikes, but the brand developed into respected mountain bikes and road bikes as well. Today it is a significant manufacturer and innovator in the industry, and remains legendary in BMX circles.

GT Bikes is named after one of its founders, Gary Turner. He was a welder who worked on everything from bikes to drag racing cars. In 1972 his son was involved in BMX racing, but Turner didn't think the frames of BMX bikes in those days were strong enough, so he built his own.

Two years later he started GT Bikes with a focus on BMX bikes, and immediately changed the industry. GT Bikes were stronger than other brands, and they won more races, so the company went from strength to strength.

Over the next decades the range of bikes they produced expanded into mountain bikes and road bikes. It continues to innovate, maintaining its focus on speed, racing, and winning in each model that it manufactures.

Today it still makes a wide range of bikes, but the BMX models are still synonymous with the brand. It is also known as an American company - it started in California – although it is now owned by the Canadian company Dorel Industries, which also owns a number of other leading bike brands.

Range Of GT Bikes

The range of GT Bikes includes:

• Mountain Full Suspension - mountain bikes that are built for racing or for fun on all types of terrain. They include Gravity, Enduro, All Mountain, Trail, and XC options.

• Mountain Hard Tail - hard tail mountain bikes that help you through the blood, sweat, tears, and thrills of both uphill and downhill riding on all surfaces. There are a number of bikes in this category with XC, Trail, and Recreational options.

• Pavement - a range of road bikes for racing, commuting, fun, and fitness. The broad categories are Enduro, Road, City, Sport, Fitness, and Comfort.

• Women's - a range of bikes designed specifically for female riders. There are both mountain bike and road bike options.

BMX - this is where it all began for GT Bikes. The current range helps you go further, faster, and bigger with bikes that are strong, stiff, and light.

• MTBMX - these are bikes designed for those who want to spend as much time in the air as they do on the ground. The current range has one model - the Bump. It’s not-quite BMX and not-quite mountain bike, but when it hits a ramp, it goes far and high.

GT Bikes Sponsorship

From its earliest days GT Bikes has been involved in the sport of cycling, specifically BMX racing. This continues today through the GT Factory BMX team and its support for individual riders such as Brian Kachinsky and Ty Callais. It is also involved in mountain biking with the GT Factory Mountain Bike team and through the support of individual riders.