BMC Bikes


BMC Bikes History

Headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland, the Bike Manufacturing Company (BMC) has been producing world-class bicycles since 1994 when it began supplying bikes to the Swiss professional racing team. In the ensuing two decades, BMC has continued to focus on manufacturing innovative bikes that are the product of extensive research and development.

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BMC Bike Range

BMC manufacture a diverse range of bikes including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Lifestyle Bikes.

Road Bikes

There are 2 main items in this range being the TimeMachine and RoadMachine. both of these bikes cme in different levels of specifications

Mountain Bikes

There are 3 distinct models in the Mountain Bike Range being the Teamlite, Fourstroke and Speedfox. All bikes come in alternate colors and specification levels.


BMC refer to thee bikes as their MountainRoad range. The main model is the alpenchallenge which is avaialbe in numerous confiigerations.

BMC Bikes for Sale

At BikeExchange, we bring the marketplace to your computer or mobile device. We offer a wide assortment of BMC bikes for sale by independent bike shops and private sellers from all over the United States. Depending on the retailer and the product, you can make a purchase in one of several easy and convenient ways:

  • Click & Collect: Pay online and make arrangements to pick up the bike at the retail shop.

  • In-Store: Contact the retailer directly to make your own payment and collection arrangements.